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The History of the University of Southern Mississippi Police Department Motorcycle Unit.

Ms. Harley-Davidson is Laurel native, USM Grad

Gina Galligan is unlikely “biker babe”

When the 90-year old Harley-Davidson corporation named Gina Galligan as the new Ms. Harley-Davidson, they chose the definitive 90’s woman.  Sure, she’s beautiful. But Galligan’s appeal goes beyond her all-American good looks.  Just suffice it to say that she is not a tough-talking tattooed biker babe content to adorn the back of someone else’s bike.  Instead, the international spokesperson for America’s only surviving motorcycle company is a savvy business woman who has always blazed down life’s highway full throttle – both on and off her Harley.

     The 31-year old University of Southern Mississippi educated Galligan is a successful entrepreneur who heads her own Dallas advertising agency which produces everything from environmental videos to shows with legendary funny-man George Burns.  She also owns a medical practice management company and a surgical supplies company.  When she isn’t working, she enjoys horseback riding and working on her pilot’s license.  Recently Galligan bought a historic Dallas warehouse that she is converting into a fashionable, upscale lofts.

     Inside her own elegantly decorated loft, parked like a piece of shiny sculpture amid the living room’s antique furnishings, sits her very own Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  “It’s a 1340cc Heritage with extended chrome forks, chrome swing arm, custom exhaust, oversized tanks, chrome fuel lines, wide white, Fat Boy seat and Fat Boy handlebars,” she explains.

    Galligan’s creamy white Heritage Softail is the Pegasus of motorcycles – exactly the kind of dream machine a little girl would wish for.  But not many little girls dream about motorcycles. So exactly how did a Catholic grade schooler in Laurel, Mississippi become a biker?  

     “Well, the sisters weren’t chopper chicks,” Galligan laughs.  “My Dad had two passions – airplanes and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  I’ve been riding motorcycles since he first put me on one at the age of six.”

Reprinted with permission of Mrs Gina Galligan

Information and Photos provided by the University of Southern Mississippi Police Department.