History of the Winged Wheel

The History of the Winged Wheel

By Steven Tritt of Police Motor Units LLC.

The wheel and arrow patch dates to the early 1900s, when the motorcycle was introduced into the military. The military used patches to identify the unit and its role in service.

From what we have learned during the research is the Wheel was used to signify the Motorcycle, the type of “Motion”. Or unit.

The Arrow was added to show the Motorcycle was armed and could fight. The rider could shoot and was a precise shot. The arrow displayed the armor and “Precision” skill of the rider of both gun and machine.

After World War I the police department had adopted the patch form the riders of WWI. This seemed fitting because the Police Motor Officers were armed. Later departments added Traffic to the patch to show the type of enforcement the unit was used for.

Soon after the, wing was added to the to the Wheel and Arrow. The Wing signifies “Speed”. The motor officers at the time would chase down the speeder and jump onto the vehicle and force them to stop. 
The Wings displays the Speed and danger involved in the job, the Swift jump to the vehicle from the speeding motorcycle. Some say after the jump you have earned your wings. Either by the patch for in death.

Today’s Motor Unit Patch still displayed all three aspects of the job. The Motorcycle “Motion”, the Arrow being a “precise” shot or the agility of the motorcycle’s capabilities, The Wings the “Swift” speed of the motorcycle and the danger involved.

Motorcycle Officers earn the right to wear the Winged Wheel on their chest after they pass the hardest school in Law Enforcement. This patch is enriched with history and traditions that are still carried on today.

Motorcycle Officers must pass an 80-hour training program to be a part of the motorcycle Unit or Squad. They must show proficiency in slow speed handling, High Speed handling, shooting from the motorcycle and the tactics of traffic enforcement, as well as traffic avoidance. 
The Patch is usually worn on the sleeve with the arrow facing forward, or pointing to the heart of the officer to show the unit will move forward and evolve and how much it means to the officer and the department.
The Swift, Precise, Motion is today’s Motorcycle Officer.

The Wing represents Swiftness

The Arrow Precision

The Wheel Motion

A Police Motorcycle is Swift Precise Motion

By. Sgt. J. Hughes

Dutchess County, NY Sheriff’s Office

Motor Unit

The meaning of the Winged Wheel patch.  I am often asked by people who
see it on my sleeve, what is the meaning of the Winged Wheel patch  I
always reply, “straight as an arrow, free as a bird.”

Lt Joseph F Tersak Jr
Pittsburgh, PA Police Department

 Motorcycle Unit

The Wing Wheel Worn on Uniforms

Most agencies wear the wing wheel on the left sleeve under the department patch for short sleeve and on just above the cuff on long sleeve shirts.

The arrow on the left sleeve should point to the officer. On the right sleeve it should point to the officer.

Phoenix, AZ Police Motor Wings
Chicago, IL Police Motor Wings
Houston, TX Police Motor Wings