Appleton, WI Police Department

The History of the Appleton Police Shoulder Patch

Appleton Police Officers first wore a shoulder patch in December 1961.  It was a diamond shaped black and gold patch worn only on the left sleeve of the officer’s uniform.  The department changed to it’s second patch in February 1966.  The current patch has been worn since May 13, 1996.

The History of the Appleton Police Department Motorcycle Unit

First motorcycle went on duty with A.P.D. on 10-02-1911.  This was an Excelsior M.C.

In Sept. 1912 the department changed to a Thor.

Report on 01-15-1915 states that the department motorcycle put on 12,000 miles during the year 1914.

On 03-16-1916 the department received a new Big Valve Twenty horse power Excelsior motorcycle.

1918 the department had two Excelsior motorcycles.

1926 Three motorcycles

In 1950 the department had 6 motorcycles.

In 1960 the department had 11 motorcycles

The department last used motorcycles in the 1970’s, but then in 1981 the department received a 750cc Honda motorcycle and used it for about 3 years. 

Group 3 Motorcycles 1926 Circa
1936 New Motorcycles
1939 Police Department Gets New 3-Wheel Motorcycle

Information and Photos provided by the Appleton, WI Police Department