Nebraska State Patrol

The History of the Nebraska State Patrol Shoulder Patch

Our shoulder patch features a stylized representation of the distinctive Nebraska state capitol building at its center.  This shoulder patch is worn by the uniformed members of the Nebraska State Patrol and has remained basically the same in designed since 1937.

The History of the Nebraska State Patrol Motorcycle Unit

 On November 22, 1937, the Nebraska “Safety Patrol” began operating as Nebraska’s State law enforcement agency.  Since that time, the State Patrol has been an integral part of Nebraska’s law enforcement network.  Started primarily for motor vehicle law enforcement, today’s Nebraska State Patrol has duties and responsibilities of a modern police agency.  Since the beginning, our motto has been “pro bono publico” – for the good of the public.  We’re proud, and we feel we’ve earned the right to be proud.


Information and Photos provided by the Nebraska State Patrol