CHiPs TV SHOW (1977-1983)

  CHiPs was a action crime drama television show which originally aired September 15, 1977, to May 1, 1983.  CHiPs title came from a nickname of the Highway Patrolmen “CHiPs” or “Chippies” (California Highway Patrols). The show followed the everyday adventures of two Motorcycle Highway Patrolmen.  Francis (“Frank”) Llewellyn “Ponch” Poncherello played by Eric Estrada and Jonathan (“Jon”) Andrew Baker played by Larry Wilcox.  

    Frank joins CHP and his Field Training Officer (FTO) on Motors is Jon Baker.  The show follows Ponch as he grows into a seasoned Motor Officer.  Using his street smarts and is williness to break the rules to do the right thing.  This show is full of high speed car chases and great car crashes.  Most of the car stunts were performed by the Tim and Joie Chitwood Jr. of the Joie Chitwood Thrill Show.  

   The show was filmed on the Los Angeles Freeways that were just being built at the time. There was only 10 miles of road that was used for most of the show.   

Interview with Paul Rabwain

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The 40th CHiPs Anniversary Reunion 

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