The Police & Fleet Sales was started back in 1908.  This sector was started to give Law Enforcement the focus and service it needed without taking away from the civilian production and service.  In 1908 this was a bold and new way of customer service.  This marketing technique was carried on to it military service.  During World War II in a bold move to get the government contract from Indian Motorcycle Company Harley-Davidson took the blueprint of it’s Police Fleet sales and used it to grow and get the contract.  During World War II no civilian motorcycles were made.  Harley-Davidson dove in head first with the production of it’s motorcycles for Military use only and trained the mechanics to fix the motorcycle from old and broken Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Harley-Davidson still to this day provides training for Operators, Instructors, and Mechanics to stay as the leader in the Law Enforcement Service. 

By:  Steven Tritt

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company has been through a multitude of changes over the past 110 years while providing “the” motorcycle to the law enforcement officer. 

     The leaders of the Motor Company understand and have a vision for the future.  They knew that a quality police motorcycle for today’s warrior is simply not enough.  Therefore, they have organized an all-star team who put their boots to the provide a level of customer service in the field that is second to none! 

      This team has three sets of equipment positioned around the country and each set includes a F-250 pickup, an enclosed trailer and two current model year Harley-Davidson motorcycles, each outfitted with emergency equipment.

There are several purposes for this equipment:

Demonstrates the Harley-Davidson continued commitment to law enforcement
Provides a static display while attending various events (i.e. Skills Competition, Harley-Davidson Dealer law enforcement events)

Motor Officers are allowed to ride, test and evaluate both current models produced for law enforcement
If requested and approved, these motorcycles may be left with an agency for 1-2 weeks so they may evaluate the motorcycle while working in an enforcement capacity. 

Visual aid while communicating with customers discussing key features of the motorcycle and emergency equipment

The Police & Fleet Sales Department of the HDMC has seven current and retired law enforcement officers who hold a strong police background not only as a motorcycle officer, but as a police motorcycle trainer and police motorcycle supervisor.  The members of this group are all self-starters and provide over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience.

    The duties and responsibilities of this well-crafted team are quite simple, yet extremely important.  Create, maintain and develop a positive a level of respect with the current and potential customers of the HDMC by being available when needed, developing a positive rapport and attending various law enforcement events from coast to coast, and represent our band.

CURRENT HARLEY-DAVIDSON CUSTOMERS: Ensure that this valued customer knows that we are still here for them long after the sale.  Make appropriate contact email, phone and on-site visits as a “follow-up” and be the voice of the customer to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

CONVERT CUSTOMERS:  For the law enforcement agencies who ride another brand of motorcycles, this team provides valuable information on why they should operate the Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycle.

The Motor Company has been dedicated to law enforcement for over 105 years
A dealer network with over 600 dealerships across the nation
Competitive if not of the lowest police motorcycles to purchase
Lowest operating costs per mile in the industry
Highest resale value!

NEW CUSTOMERS:  If there is an agency that has an interest in starting a motor unit, this team has the experience and knowledge to guide them through the process and provide important data and documents that may assist in the initial proposal.

     Police & Fleet personnel attend and participate at over 60 law enforcement events each year. 

     This team is assigned by regions quite like districts mapping for patrol responsibilities, so our valued customers will receive the prompt attention that they deserve!

Meet your Police & Fleet Sales Reps

Left to Right:  Glenn Cavic, Rob Grimsley, Al Wofford, JIm Polan and George Petropoulos

Experienced Reps traverse the country, ready to demo the latest model

George Petropoulos

George Petropoulos is the Police & Fleet Sales Manager, U.S. Field Sales.  He is a 20-year veteran of law enforcement and currently works as a part-time motor/police officer at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Police Department in West Allis, WI.  George also retired as a major from the United States Army in June of 2012 after 20 of service.

 Al Wofford

Al Wofford is the Police & Fleet Sales Rep for the Northwestern region of the United States.  He is a 36-year veteran of law enforcement and a retired with the Florida Highway Patrol.  As a sergeant in Miami, Al was instrumental in resurrecting the motor unit for FHP in the early 1980’s to include training all members, and developing the policy and administrational structure of the unit.  He served as the “Statewide Motorcycle Coordinator” for 27 years as the program grow to over 50 motors located throughout the state.

 Jeff Dickey

Jeff Dickey is the Regional Police & Fleet Sales Representative for the Northeastern region of the United States.  He is a 35-year veteran of law enforcement, retiring as a captain with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  In 2006 Jeff was assigned the task of resurrecting the OSHP motor unit which had been disbanded for over 50 years.  As Executive Officer of Operations, Jeff was instrumental in the implementation, expansion and leadership of the motor unit.

 Rob Grimsley

Rob Grimsley is the Police & Fleet Sales Rep for the Southeast.  He is a 26-year veteran of Law Enforcement and retired as a sergeant with the Charleston County Sheriff in Charleston, SC. Rob is still active in the United States Air Force Reserves as a CM Sergeant with the 315th Security Force Squadron. Rob has ridden as an officer and sergeant and is one of the founding members of the Palmetto Police Motorcycle Training Seminar and Safety Trials.

 Wendell Kendrick

Wendell Kendrick was a Houston, TX police officer for 27 years, serving 15 years in the motorcycle division and became a NUCPS Police Motorcycle Instructor in 1995.  Honorably retiring in 2004 he began another career with Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  Wendell is the Training and Technical Support Lead for Police & Fleet Sales and is the Police Sales Representative based in Texas and serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.         

Joe Wingard

Joe Wingard is the Sales Rep for the Southeast.  He is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement and retired as a captain with the Nevada Highway Patrol in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Joe supervised the motor unit as a sergeant, lieutenant and captain.  He also spent time as a regional fleet manager and was responsible for the acquisition and service of police duty Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for the Nevada Highway Patrol in Las Vegas.  Joe received his police motorcycle training from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

 Jim Polan

Jim Polan represents the Harley-Davidson Motor Company as the regional Police & Fleet Sales Manager for the Western region of the United States.  He is a 30-year veteran of Law Enforcement and retired as a Captain with the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department and then retired as a Major with Seminole Police Department in Florida.  Jim was first assigned to police motors in August 1988 and has ridden as an officer, sergeant, lieutenant and captain during his career.  Jim is one of the founding members of the Southeast Police Motorcycle Training Seminar and Safety Trials held in the South Florida.

 Glenn Gavic

Glenn Gavic represents the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company as a Police & Fleet Sales Representative for the Southwestern United States.  He is a 27-year veteran of Law Enforcement and retired as a Motor Unit Sergeant with the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  Glenn was first assigned to police motors in May 1991 and has ridden as an officer, and sergeant with string emphasis on motor officer training and officer safety.

 Jeff Capps

Jeff Capps is the regional Police & Fleet Sales Rep for the Northeast.  He is a 28-year veteran of Law Enforcement and retired as the senior motor sergeant with the United States Park Police in Washington D.C. Jeff is also an officer Safety & Survival instructor and was recently certified as a LE Ground Fighting Instructor.  Jeff volunteers as the national coordinator of motor escorts in support of C.O.P.S. during Police Week.   

Rob Grimsley at the 2013 Space Coast Police Motorcycle Rodeo
Rob Grimsley at the 2013 Space Coast Police Motorcycle Rodeo
Rob Grimsley 2016 Palmetto Police Motorcycle Rodeo

2017 Daytona Beach Bike Week. The Police Fleet preforms Demonstrations on Police Riding Techniques and how the lift a motorcycle properly.
2017 Bike Week, Daytona Beach, FL Police Department with Rob Grimsley of Harley-Davidson Police Fleet and Karen Davidson on the Daytona International Motor Speedway.

There is also a deep pride in the Motorcycle Law Enforcement Community. Harley-Davidson has answered that pride with “The Mounted Officer” Magazine. In the Fall of 2010 the Title was changed to “The Motor Officer”. For a digital copy of this please click on the link below.


Harley-Davidson also has been producing Appeal for Motor Officers for Years. Below are some ads for gear.

1990’s ad
1990’s ad
1990’s AD
2009 Ad
Harley-Davidson also made Chrome for the Law Enforcement Motorcycles. Police, Sheriff and Fire Timing Cover, Derby Covers and Medallions
Police Fleet Mug
2015 Chester of Fort Lauderdale, Dealer Shirt
Harley-Davidson Dealers even make Motor Officer Shirts. This design was Capital Harley-Davidson in Lansing, Michigan and Daytona Harley-Davidson, Daytona Beach, FL
2016 Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson Police Dealer Shirt Back Daytona Beach, FL
2020 Police Dealer Shirt, House Of Harley, Milwaukee, WI
2020 Police Dealer shirt Back House of Harley, Milwaukee, WI
Police Dealer Coin 2020 House of Harley, Milwaukee, WI
Police Dealer Coin, House of Harley, Milwaukee, WI