Mecklenburg County, NC Sheriff’s Office

The History of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Unit

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Motor Unit is comprised of six (6) specially trained MCSO motorcycle Deputies.  Their training consists of a vigorous eighty (80) hour motor officer certification course conducted by the United States Park Police.  This intensive training curriculum includes emergency response operation, escorts, maintenance, inclement weather operation, and highly specialized skills training.  Additionally, several of our Motor Unit Deputies have successfully completed the Motorcycle Training Officer Certification Course offered through Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety.  This three week course certifies the Motor UNit Deputies as an instructor in each of the topical areas covered by the United States Park Police basic certification course.MCSO formed the MCSO Motor Unit on October 1, 2000.  This Unit was originally created as a volunteer Unit.  Initially, the Motor Unit’s responsibilitiesranged from funeral and dignitary escorts to special events such as parades and demonstrations of motorcycle skills and safety.  The MCSO Motor Unit now performs full-time duty assignment as an integral part of the MCSO Civil Judgments Unit.  The Motor Unit’s primary resonsibility is service of Writs of Possession for Real Property, creating an economical resource to serve civil process papers.  The Motor Unit also continues to perform collateral assisgnments includinf funeral and dignitary escorts, special events such as parades, motorcycle skills and safety demostrations and other high profile events.Due to their diligence, willingness to assist in any matter, and superior riding skills, the MCSO Motor Unit has been invited to participate in the Presidential Motorcade Escort for the National Law Enforcement Memorial Service.  MCSO is one of a few select agencies in the history of this event to be asked to assist in escorting the Presidental Motorcade.  The MCSO Motor UNit continues to be recognized at a local and national level as one of the premier law enforcement Motor Units in the country.

Information and Photos provided by the Mecklenburg County, NC Sheriff’s Office