Ohio State University Police Department

The History of the Ohio State University Police Department Motorcycle Unit

All police service on The Ohio State University properties campus is provided by the University Police Division.  There has been a form of police service on the Columbus campus since the first watchman’s equipment was acquired in 1889. As an important element of the academic community, officers are committed to providing a service for students, faculty, staff and visitors. A safe environment in which to study, learn, teach and perform research is fundamental to the success of these endeavors. University Police personnel are highly trained, proud professionals dedicated to serving the Ohio State Community.  There are currently 52 sworn Police Officers serving the University.

 In 2012, Officer Doug Cunningham, with the assistance of fellow officers, supervisors and command staff, began the process to start a Motorcycle Unit.  In early 2013 all the hard work paid off and they acquired 3 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles.  The units were up-fitted with lights, sirens and graphics.  Officers Cunningham and Stephen Cox successfully completed the 80 Motor Unit training class taught by The Columbus Division of Police Motor Unit.  The Unit performs the majority of traffic enforcement on campus, responds traffic crashes and emergencies and conducts escorts for various events.

Information and Photos provided by the Ohio State University Police Department