Henderson, NV Police Department

Henderson, NV Police Department

The History of the Henderson Police Department Shoulder Patch

This Henderson Police Department patch was developed and instituted by Henderson Police Officers in conjunction with Henderson’s 50th Anniversary.

The patch depicts nationally and internationally recognized symbols.  It includes images symbolizing family strength, and protection.

The word “Police”, in capital letters and bold print, easily identifies the wearer as a Police Officer.

Dark, cobalt blue fills the background of the patch – same color found in the state flag, which was designed to represent Nevada’s support of the Union during the Civil War.

The patch is bordered by 50 stars, one for each of the 50 states.

At the center of the patch, a silhouette of Nevada is outlined in silver representing the Silver State.

Within Nevada’s outline is a depiction of “family” represented by three figures holding hands and walking along a path in a natural setting.

A bald eagle is superimposed over Nevada’s silhouette beneath the family, with wings extended and talons flared.  The eagle posturing represents protection and guardianship.

Oak leaves extended from Henderson banner representing power, protection, strength, endurance, triumph, prosperity, sacrifice, guardianship, liberation, success, and stability.

The History of the Henderson Police Department Motorcycle Unit


Information and Photos provided by the Henderson, NV Police Department.