Lake Clarke Shores, FL Police Department

The History of the Lake Clarke Shores Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The motor unit at Lake Clarke Shores is a one-man unit consisting of one of the Police Department’s Sergeants, the purpose of the unit is for traffic compliance and safety. Lake Clarke Shores Police Department’s Motor Unit was established in 2004, since this time Sergeant Howell has issued several citations, promoted public safety, and helped stop crime. The motor unit allows the Officer greater access to businesses and housing developments in Town due to its size. With a greater ease of access and the maneuverability of the motorcycle more traffic offenders can be educated on traffic laws, and the roads of Lake Clarke Shores can remain a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. 

During 2015 Sergeant Howelll issued 400 citations, of these 175 were speeding citations, 100 criminal citations, and 125 seatbelt violations. The motor unit worked a total of 9 car crashes all resulting in zero fatalities. 

As an ongoing effort to keep our roadways safe Sergeant Howell would like to remind everyone in town and pass through to “Share the Road” please look at the following ways to keep our active community safe!

Information and Photos provided by the Lake Clarke Shores, FL Police Department.