Hillsboro, OR Police Department

The History of the Hillsboro Police Department Motorcycle Unit

Originally starting around 1981 there was typically only one motor officer assigned to the position. There were many officers who volunteered to work funeral details/escorts on their own motorcycles that they would often outfit themselves with the necessary emergency equipment. The Hillsboro Police Department Motor Unit really did not become a multi member team until the late 1990’s.

The motorcycles utilized ranged from various sizes and models of Honda’s and Suzuki’s. In the mid to late nineties the Kawasaki KZ 1000’s were begun to be used. Beginning around 2000, a switch was made to the BMW RT 1100 and RT 1150’s. The team also grew from two to five members.

Starting around 2006 the motor unit transitioned to another motorcycle, the HONDA ST1300P which we are currently riding today. The team consists of four motor officers and a non riding Sergeant.

The motor unit primarily focuses on traffic enforcement at high density crash locations and school zones. We also conduct pedestrian safety operations and education diversion classes to promote pedestrian safety and awareness.

The motor unit is utilized in presidential and dignitary escorts as well as military personnel funeral escorts. The team is also involved in a multi-agency police motorcycle demonstration team that is asked to perform at various parades and community events.

Information and Photos provided by the Hillsboro, OR Police Department.