Maui County, Hawaii Police Department

The History of the Maui County Police Department Motorcycle Solo Unit

The Maui County Police Department is located in Hawaii. Our department actually covers three islands, Maui, Lanai and the island of Molokai. We have a total of 375 sworn officers in the department.

In 1994 the department had 1 Motor officer. After she got promoted, they disbanded the unit. After years of discussion, the position was brought back. This time, they decided to make it a unit. We had two awesome instructors from Washington State, Mike Henry and Kawika Davis flew over and put on our motor school for us. On 1/1/2016, we hit the road. The unit consists of 4 officers and 1 Sergeant. The Lieutenant of the Traffic Division also has a motor, and went thru the training.

The unit is currently using 2015 Harley-Davidson Police Road Kings FLHP. We just received a 2017 model, and it is currently being outfitted. Our motors are equipped with front and rear facing Stalker Radars, and have a holsters for the LTI 20/20 lasers.

The design on the tank is the basic winged/wheel design, but we decided to add a personal touch to it, and incorporate the Hawaiian flag into the wings. Our helmet shield is the same type used by Seattle, P.D., but with our County of Maui logo in the middle. That logo is similar to our department patch, and shows the three islands in our county.

Information and Photos provided by the Maui County, Hawaii Police Department.