Arlington Heights, IL Police Department

The History of the Arlington Heights Police Department Motorcycle Unit

Herman Gaare September 6, 1905 – July 18, 1927
At 1:00am on July 18, 1927, Officer Gaare, while working traffic enforcement on Northwest Highway, took pursuit of a speeding motorist. As they were approaching Northwest Highway and Euclid, an uninvolved truck turned onto the Highway, not realizing that Officer Gaare was in pursuit of the speeding vehicle. Officer Gaare’s motorcycle subsequently rear-ended the truck with such force that the truck was pushed forward twenty feet.

Officer Gaare flew over the handlebars of his motorcycle and landed on his head and feet. It has been reported that his first thoughts after the accident were of his policing duties.
Officer Gaare was badly injured and was transported to Palatine Hospital where he remained conscious for a short time. Before passing away, Officer Gaare made statements to indicate that no one was to blame for the accident and further stated he was appreciative of the aid rendered to him by the truck driver. Officer Gaare was 21 years old and had been a police officer for less than a month at the time of his passing.

Information and Photos provided by the Arlington Heights, IL Police Department.