Doral, FL Police Department

The History of the Doral Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The City of Doral’s Police Department’s Traffic Section is an element within the Support Service Division. Their primary mission is to ensure the safe, expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the City of Doral. 

The Traffic Section is made up of three components; Traffic Enforcement, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Traffic Crash Investigations. The Enforcement Component consists of the Motorcycle Patrol Officers. The Motorcycle Patrol Officers are the centerpiece of the 3 “E’s” of traffic management: Engineering, Education and Enforcement. When traffic management issues require traffic engineering studies, the engineering section of the Public Works Department is notified.  The assigned Motorcycle Patrol Officers conduct traffic safety lectures and participate in career day presentations at the local schools. They are available to address community groups upon request. The officers investigate traffic enforcement requests and take the appropriate action. The Commercial Vehicle Component is dedicated to enforcement of the traffic statutes governing commercial vehicles. The Traffic Crash Investigation Component oversees crash investigations to include hit & run cases and provides training for police personnel conducting initial crash investigations.

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