Edmond, OK Police Department

The History of the Edmond Police Department Motorcycle Unit

SPEEDERS, SCHOOL ZONE POLICE RADAR: Edmond police officers Steve Berry, left, and Acey Hopper use radar to control speeding traffic in a school zone near Edmond Memorial High School on 33rd Street. Staff photo by Jim Beckel.
EDMOND, OK. WEDNESDAY, 4/13/2005. SCHOOL BUS VIOLATOR, VIOLATORS, VIOLATIONS: Edmond motorcycle police officers wait at an intersection on Boulevard Wednesday afternoon as part of an effort to catch drivers who fail to stop for school buses when their lights are flashing. A police officer was aboard a school bus and he would radio motorcycle officers at various locations the description of cars who illegally passed the bus. From left are Jason Stearns, Steve Berry and Acey Hopper. Staff photo by Jim Beckel.
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Information and Photos provided by the Edmond, OK Police Department.