Franklin, TN Police Department

History of the Franklin Police Department Shoulder Patch

The Franklin Police Department patch proudly reflects the heritage of the City of Franklin.

This patch was designed by Franklin resident and former City Alderman Dan Klatt in 2010.  The center seal, depicting the columns and portico of the County’s historic courthouse, splits the date “1799,” reflecting the establishment of the City.  The Department’s core values, embodied by our staff, of providing the community with the most Professional, most Progressive, and the most Responsive police agency in Tennessee wraps the historic courthouse center seal.  The U.S. flag and state of Tennessee flag symbolize the patriotism and fraternity of law enforcement professionals, not only in our stat, but nationwide.

The History of the Franklin Police Department Motorcycle Unit

Franklin Police Add Motorcycle to Their Fleet of Patrol Vehicles
New method of patrol sure to provide benefits to the public and the officers who serve them

Franklin, TN – In addition to cars, bicycles, and walking patrols, you will now see Franklin Police Officers patrolling city streets on motorcycles. The Franklin Police Department purchased three BMW R1200 RT-P police motorcycles with money allocated in the 2008-2009 budget to fund the department’s new motor program. “Officers patrolling on motorcycles have some distinct advantages over those patrolling the city in a car,” Said Deputy Chief David Rahinksy.   “Officers on motorcycles can move more easily through areas of congestion to get to the scene of traffic crashes or other serious incidents.  This aids us in getting traffic moving again so that other responding emergency vehicles such as rescue trucks and ambulances have the ability to arrive at a scene more quickly.”  Motorcycle officers also have the ability to address traffic complaints by monitoring traffic flow from otherwise hard to reach locations in which a patrol car would impede traffic. Sergeant David Prather who supervises the Franklin Police Department’s Traffic Unit said, “One of the things I like best about the new program is the fact that the officers on motorcycles are so open and accessible to citizens.  This gives us the ability to connect with the public in a way similar to bicycle officers, but with the increased ability to patrol greater territory.” Motorcycles are, in comparison to standard patrol cars, less expensive to purchase and equip.  Additionally, they have significantly greater fuel efficiency.  Each motorcycle costs just under $21,000.  Weighing in at 700 pounds, these motorcycles have the ability to reach the speed of 110 mph in 12.85 seconds. Three Franklin Police Officers received two weeks of specialized training at a Police Motorcycle Officer School that focused on developing the skills they needed to patrol Franklin in a new way.

Information and Photos provided by the Franklin, TN Police Department