Fort Myers, FL Police Department

History of the Fort Myers Police Shoulder Patch

Fort Myers was constructed in 1850.  The third and final Seminole War, also called “The Billy Bowlegs War,” swirled around Fort Myers from 1855 to 1858.  After Billy Bowlegs surrendered to the Army in Fort Myers, The fort was abandoned but reoccupied six years later in 1864 during the Civil War. 

Police Officers in Fort Myers today proudly wear the patch of the Fort Myers Police Department.  It symbolizes more than law and order.  It represents a commitment to improve the quality of life for its citizens through a variety of police/community intiatives and programs.

Devotion to duty, ethical conduct and pride manifested by each member of the Fort Myers, Police Department has remained constant throughout the years.

The History of the Fort Myers Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The Fort Myers Police Department established its Motorcycle Unit with the purchase of its first police motorcycle in December of 1914 for $75.  In October of 1928 the Department had three motorcycles.  Then in 2018, the Department currently has two motorcycles.

Traffic Officer Jim Irion prepares to go out on patrol.
Traffic Officer Jim Irion riding west from the intersection of Edison Ave. and Cleveland Ave., the photograph was taken on July 15th 1980.
Motorcycle Officer Wayne DeAntoni and Bob Nolan with Patrol Officer Bob Shankland.
Two Motorcycle Officers Joe Zublick and Dan Jerz standing near the Department’s first mobile Command Post
Officer Tim Roguska Ealy 1990’s
Officer Mike Payne
Members of the 2004 Traffic Unit. (Left to right) Officers Shawn Yates, Scott Newbury, Michael Payne, Johnny Seay and Mark Savoy.
Officer Steve Gruber 2014
Motor Officer Gus Goncalves

Information and Photos provided by the Fort Myers, FL Police Department