Castle Guard, Czech Republic

The History of the Castle Guard Motorcycle Unit

Establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic on 28 October 1918 was the initial impetus for the creation of units which guard the residence of the President at the Prague Castle.  31st January 1990 was adopted by the Federal Assembly Law No. 20/1990 on the establishment of Protection Administration of the President of Czechoslovakia and the Castle Guard Czechoslovakia with effect from 1 February 1990. The most important change was that the Castle Guard was transferred from the subordination of Ministry of Interior again in the Ministry of National Defense, with direct subordination to the Chief of Military Command Office of the President of the Republic, and that itwas the first law of responsibility. The enactment of the Castle Guard began to gradually build up a new organization composed of the Castle Guard headquarters, a group of education and training, technical group rear group, financial services, health services and six security guards and troops deployed in Prague, Good Water and Lany. For the first time in history was the Castle Guard Orchestra and motorcycle unit. Jawa 350 “ice lolly” – used from early 60s to 1964 in the red and white combination. This color combination was intended only for “Castle” machines. Equipment: blue beacon in front (some reportedly equipped with a siren). In 1964, however, are significant because of smoke at a slower pace accompaniments replaced with four-stroke motorcycles BMW R50 / 2 and BMWR69S. BMW R50 / 2 – used from 1965 to 1985. BMW R69S – the original black paint used from 1964 to mid seventies.  Jawa 500 Rotax – used from 1984 to 1990. BMW K75RT – used from 1990 to 2002. BMW R1100RT R1150RT and BMW – has been used since 1999 to the present. Also excellent machines with 90 and 95 horses. Equipment: Two flashing beacons at the front, one rear slider, sirens and radio Motorola communication options without a helmet (external microphone and speaker) and R1150RT also have a fire extinguisher. 

Information and Photos provided by the Castle Guard, Czech Republic