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2009 BMW R1200 RT-P

The R 1200 RT-P Sets a New Standard for High performance Police Motors!

  • Optional Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

           New for 2008, monitor exact pressure of your tires with warnings for slow and fast leakage.

  • Standard Anti-Lock Brakes with Optional Traction Control (ASC)

New for 2008, traction control provides optimal control of rear wheel slip.

  • Outstanding Engine Heat/Air Management for Officer Comfort

Superb air management directs engine heat away  from the rider so you won’t be roasted by your motor.

  • New Service Interval Indicator

Keep your motors on the road rather then in the workshop.  The new service interval indicator advises riders when the motor requires service, avoiding unnecessary maintenance and down time.

  • Advanced LED Lighting System

State-of-the-art LED light modules with programmable flasher.

  • Superb Ergonomics Keep you Riding Longer

Electrically adjustable windshield, adjustable seat, optional heated grips and heated seat, aerodynamic fairing help you stay alert and riding with less fatigue.

New Emergency Light Concept

The new R 1200 RT-P features a completely new LED emergency lighting concept developed by BMW and Code 3 PSE.  The new system combines all currently designed emergency lighting into optimally focused compact LED light modules.  These modules accommodate an additional 45 degree front LED module that blankets the front quadrants in emergency light.  Together with an integrated wiring harness and programmable flash control module, the new system can provide any current flashing sequence/switching combination through settings on the programmable flasher.

Photo provided by BMW Motor Company
Photo provided by BMW Motor Company
Photo provided by BMW Motor Company
Photo provided by BMW Motor Company

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