Madison, NJ Police Department

The History of the Madison Police Department Motorcycle Unit

Madison Police Departments first motorcycle unit since the 1960’s will be on patrol by May 2006.

The unit consists of two Harley Davidson Road King Police Motorcycles with seven officers assigned to the squad.  Although the Motorcyle Officers will enforce motor vehicle laws on the Borough’s streets, the primary emphasis is on Community Policing and special events.  The Motor Officers will make every effort to ride into neighborhoods, schools and central business districts in an effort to meet up with members of the community on a personal basis.

The motor officer will also provide escorts and work parade assignments.

Additional officers will be trained in the future to provide for expansion of the motor unit.  This extensive riding course trains officers in every aspect of police motorcycle patrol riding.  Motor Officers are trained in every conceivable urban/suburban riding, enforcement and even riding/shooting scenario.

The Madison Police Department Motor Unit recently completed a week long intensive police motorcycle safety training course.  The instruction was provided by the Sergeant of the Mountainside Police department’s Motor Unit.  The training included classroom instruction followed by hands on riding.  The officers were tasked to perform slow speed maneuvers while maintaining total control of the motorcycle.  Cone patterns were set up to simulate real world conditions such as avoiding obstacles, escape and evade, tight-U turns, intersection u-turns, utilizing the motorcycle for cover and drawing a duty weapon while stalling and braking the motorcycle.  The training took place from April 23, 2006 to May 5, 2006.  The riding drills were performed at the Madison Community pool parking lot located at Rosedale Ave.

Information and Photos provided by the Madison, NJ Police Department