Chesterfield County, VA Police Department

Chesterfield county pre policing 1611-1913 Sheriff’s, and Constables.

Establishment: November-09-1914 the county board of supervisors established Chesterfield County Police Department. The Police Department consisted of five officers including the chief.

Chesterfield county in todays time:
Chesterfield county is 423.5 miles squared with approximately 362,468 residence. Chesterfield County has approximately 64,000 students enrolled in 67 schools.

Chesterfield County Police currently has more than 500 sworn police officer in the department.

The History of the Chesterfield County Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The first police motorcycle was purchased in 1916. Chief Traylor needed to catch speeders on the Richmond–Petersburg
Turnpike (present day Jefferson DavisHighway) It is unknown what brand of motorcycle was purchased, but the 1916
Indian Powerplus was considered by many to be the bike at the time.

Chesterfield county ran a variety of motorcycle throughout the years. With Harley Davidson being the predominant model used until the late 70s, early 80s when the department began to purchase Kawasaki KZ1000 Police models. The department ran these well into the 2000’s when Kawasaki discontinuing the KZ platform. Chesterfield then began to purchase more Harley Davidson flhtp model.

The department currently has 4 full time motors, and two part time motors. The primary function of the unit is traffic safety, and organized escorts. The motor unit is currently assigned to the traffic safety section of the special operations division. Being so some other functions of the motors are Crash investigation, FMCSA/CMV inspections, and instructional time at the academy. The motor unit currently has two 2021, one 2019, two 2016, and one 2013 Harley Davidson FLHTP motorcycles. The department recently purchased a 23 BMW R1250RT authority model, and is in the process of having a 2023 Harley Davidson Pan America built to our specifications.

Kawasaki KZ1000

Information and photos provided by the Chesterfield County, VA Police Department