The Motomover is a motorcycle dolly. It is used to move a motorcycle around in tight quarters. The Motomover is a one person moving system. I received the Motomover with some assembly required. The Instructions were very easy to follow and with two people it took about 30 minutes to put it together. The Motomover is a little heavy, it weighs 120 pounds. It was pretty easy to put together but I did learn not to over tighten. I snapped a bolt due to overtightening. Obey the instructions do not overtighten. Once put together it is a dream. I rode the Kawasaki KZ 1000 Police Motorcycle on the Motomover. Left it in gear and unlocked the wheels. It is so easy to move the motorcycle around, I could do it with one hand. During a show I had my KZ 1000 Police, it weighs 970 Lbs. on the Motomover and I was in the parking lot, a rough surface. The Motomover glided across the parking lot like it was glass. The Motomover is great for motor units with small Motor Barns and small maneuvering room. You can put the Motor on the Motomover and place the motorcycles in a row and be able to move them in and out without fear of dropping or hitting the motorcycle. Moving the motorcycle is nice and easy. The Motomover can be stored and transported in a single motorcycle trailer with ease. I found that to can bungee the Motomover on its side with the wheels locked and can put the motorcycle in and out of the trailer with little inference. The price of the Motomover is $499.00 plus shipping. I know what you are saying it is a little high, but look at it this way. How much of a hassle is moving the bike in and around the garage? The Motomover solves the space and maneuvering hassles we all suffer. I have found I use it most of the time now. Let be honest, it is the price of a couple pieces of chrome. This is to protect your investment. Your Motorcycle is an investment move it around with ease and confidence, utilize all available space and be able to move around in small spaces. You can order your today by contacting: Motomover 813-920-3626