Homewood, AL Police Department

The History of the Homewood Police Department Motor Scouts 

The Homewood Police Department first introduced a police motorcycle into the fleet during the late 1920’s.  After numerous decades of service the Motor Unit was disbanded in the 1980’s and brought back in 1995 and continues on to this day.  The Motor Unit has consisted of as many as six officers plus a sergeant and is currently operating with four officers and a Sergeant.  Over the years the Homewood Police Motor Unit has ridden a variety of motorcycles to include Harley Davidson “knuckle heads, pan heads, and shovel heads,” Honda CB750s,  Kawasaki KZ 1000Ps, Harley Davidson Road Kings, and currently, Harley Davidson Electra Glides. 

The Motor Unit is responsible for investigating traffic accidents, traffic enforcement, and special activities such as: parades, runs, funeral escorts and dignitary escorts, and all city wide special events.  The motor officers ride 365 days of the year minus inclement weather days such as thunderstorms and snow/ice.  The officers receive a hazardous duty pay and must pass a basic two week police motorcycle school.  Currently the Motor Unit has two IPTM police certified instructors who ensure training takes place once a month and qualifications annually.   

            The City of Homewood located in Jefferson County, Alabama encompasses a little over eight square miles but is the most densely populated city in the state.  With an interstate system, two state highways, and multiple shopping and industrial districts that crisscross Homewood, the city averages around 3200 traffic accidents a year.  The Motor unit which covers both morning and afternoon rush hour traffic works the vast majority of these accidents.  The motorcycle is an invaluable tool to the Homewood Police Department and helps the officers navigate through the traffic congestion in order to investigate accidents and get roadways cleared as soon as possible. 

            Typically the Homewood Police Motor Unit is made up of senior officers with anywhere from 10-25 years of police experience.  These officers make up a dedicated and professional special unit and act as ambassadors for the Homewood Police Department all over the state of Alabama.   The officers take their job and traffic enforcement serious while maintaining a positive and laughable working environment. 

Police Chief E.L. (Bud) Scott 1940’s
2014 Harley-Davidson Police Electra Glide

Information and Photos Provided by Homewood, AL Police Department