Fairfax County, VA Police Department

The History of the Fairfax County Police Department Motorcycle Unit

1948 Sgt. Shumate
Dave Stopper restored 1968 Harley-Davidson Fairfax County, VA Police
Lt. Paul Doweny in front of Headquarters (Photo provided by Glen P.)
1974 Harley-Davidson FHL Motor Officer Dave Stopper
May 1977 (L-R) JJ Whalen, Ron Keaton, Ron Kenzaya, Pete Duda and Lt. Paul Downey
May 1977 (L-R) Ron Kerzaya, Pete Duda, Dave Stopper, Ron Keaton, and JJ Whalen
May 1977 (L-R) Lt. Paul Downey and Pete Duda
May 1980 (L-R) Duda, Brown, Mahoney, Stopper, Keaton, Shoop, Neville, and Kenzaya
May 1980 Dave and Juli Stopper
Marine Corp Museum

Information and Photos provided by the Fairfax County, VA Police Department