Malta Police Department

The History of the Malta Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The roots of the Traffic Branch date back to 1925-26, when the then Commissioner of Police, Major Frank Stivala, recommended the purchase of eight motorcycles for the control of traffic. Over the next year, this number was increased by three.

 The Traffic Branch of the Malta Police Force came into being as an autonomous branch in September 1936 and over the years, it had other responsibilities assigned to it, apart from supervising traffic.

 After the end of the Second World War the Traffic Branch was formed. Initially it comprised of seven members and made use of ex-military motorcycles. The head dress consisted of service cap with white cloth cap cover instead of a crash helmet.

 Over the years, with the ever increasing number of vehicles on the roads, the Traffic Branch was strengthened, both in manpower as well as in the number of motorcycles.  The number of motorcycles is thirty five ranging from BMW’s, Yamaha and Moto Guzzi.

 The main duties comprises of traffic supervision, enforcement of related laws and legislation, VIP escorts, court duties, educational programmes and assisting district police during commitments.

 In 1999 the Traffic Safety Education Campaign was launched with the aims to educate in the most effective way the driver, due to the growing number of accidents and fatalities in our streets.

One can say that the Campaign has integrated well in the Educational curriculum of both the schools and the Local Councils. Thousands of students of various ages are being lectured.

Summer of 2007

Information and Photos provided by the Community and Media Relations of the Malta Police Department.