Gulfport, MS Police Department

The History of the Gulfport Department Motorcycle Unit

Motor Officer Ken Brawner, who is also the Chaplain for the Gulfport Police Department, was taking part in the annual Mardi-Gras Parades. On that day, Officer Brawner was leading the parades in the Orange Grove area of the city of Gulfport.  After the parade was over, Officer Brawner preceded immediately on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to downtown Headquarters to change into a tuxedo to officiate at 4:00 pm wedding for two members of the Gulfport Police Department.
After changing into his tuxedo, Officer Brawner got back on his motorcycle and made it on time to perform the ceremony.  When asked why in the world he would ride a motorcycle to a wedding instead of the limousine, Officer Brawner (true to the motor unit) simply, said “The Harley is the Limousine of motors and anything else would be uncivilized.”
Lt. Robert J. Curry, EOW: Aug. 14, 2008
2016 at the Capital Building

Information and Photos provided by the Gulfport, MS Police Department.