Nampa, ID Police Department

Nampa, ID Police Department

The History of the Nampa Police Department Motorcycle Unit

In 1928 Nampa Police Department had a 1925 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

1948 Nampa Police Upgraded and purchased a 3 wheel motorcycle.

In 1978 a grant was received by Chief Marshall Brisbin to start a motor/traffic unit.  The unit was 2 motors and 2 cars.  The bikes purchased were Kawasaki KZ 1000’s. those bikes were on the unit until the mid1980’s. 

From 1980-1994 there was no grant money for an actual “team” but the motors were still used on a patrol team.

 1994 Motor/traffic team was back up and running and is still strong today. It is called the STEP team Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.  In 1994 they purchased 3 Harleys, in 2003 they phased out the Harleys and purchased 4 BMW 1150’s, in 2005 they purchased Honda ST1300/ 2007 Honda ST1300 and then in 2011 and 2012 Kawasaki Concourse 1300’s were purchased.  Today we have the 2 Honda’s and the 2 Kawasaki’s.  In 2007 a female joined the traffic team, Angela Jolley. She was Idaho’s 1st Motor Officer and Cpl. Tonna Marek was Idaho’s 2nd Motor Officer and both are still on the team.  Nampa Police holds Idaho’s Only Motor female officers.

Late 1970’s
1980 Larry Owen and Mark Hupe

Information and Photos provided by the Nampa, ID Police Department.