Buffalo, NY Police Department

The History of the Buffalo Police Department

  The Buffalo Police Department founded in 1871, consisted of 5 precincts with a force of 204.  Over the 100 plus years, as many as 17 precincts and numerous sub-stations comprised our department.

     The Morse Telegraph System and horse-drawn patrol wagons were part of the early years and were followed by the installation of a call box system with patrol booths.  In 1910, the first police car was placed into service.  A teletype system enhanced our communication process in 1929.  As progress was made, advancements throughout the department continued.  New types of equipment assisted our agency in many facets of police work.  The City’s first 911 System was introduced in 1967, followed by a countywide Enhanced 911 System in 1988, and the implementation of Computer Aided Dispatching in 1993.

     Today, our department is embarking on new horizons with five major districts strategically located throughout the city.  Technological advances, along with a change in our style of policing, is advancing our agency into the 21st century ae we transition from call-driven, incident -based methods to shared responsibilities that involve a partnership with the community.

The History of the Buffalo Police Department Motorcycle Unit

1914 Patrolman Jeremiah W. Hannon

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