Carabinieri, IT Police Department

The History of the Carabinieri Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The Cuirassiers’ Regiment (Reggimento Corazzieri, and previously Comando Carabinieri Guardie del Presidente della Repubblica) is an Italian elite military unit (heavy chivalry) and the honour guard of the President of the Italian Republic. They are active since 1868.

 Members of the unit, which is a specialized company of the Carabinieri Corp, are distinguished by their uniforms and height (the minimum height for admission is 190 cm, or 74.8031496 inches/6 feet 3 inches).

 They are mounted unit, both on horse (Irish horses) and motorcycles and to become member of this unit they have to prove excellent abilities in riding their official Guzzi California bike.

 As anticipated, their motorcycle is  Make: Moto Guzzi Model: California Vintage Year: 2006 – 2011 The Agency’s Name: Italian Cuirassiers’ Regiment (Reggimento Corazzieri) City: Rome Country: Italy How many Motors? 20 How many Officers? 259 (until all 2012) 

Information and Photos provided by the Carabinieri, IT Police Department.