Tactical Motors

The History of the Tactical Motor Officers

This page is for the Motor Officers that are also SWAT Team Members.  They are the Tactical Wheel. 

Back in 1997, Haley-Davidson Motor Company and Heckler & Koch Firearms Company offered a one week Motor Officer Survival course.  This course is intended for experienced police motor officer.

Curriculum includes:

Tactical motorcycle maneuvering, defensive/offensive operations, engaging targets with side arm, as well as, motorcycle mounted automatic (MP-5) weapons.

This course will be offered as follows:

October 13-17 1997

Sterling, Virginia

Motor Officer Survival  $895.00

Firearms for the Motor Officer Survival course will be provided by H&K Firearms Company; motorcycles provided by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, all at no additional cost.

 There are alot of agencies that are Tactical Wheel Officers.  Agencies  like:

Boca Raton, FL Police Department

Palm Beach, FL Police Department

Fort Lauderdale, FL Police Department

Palm Beach County, FL Sheriff’s Office

Lees Summit, MO Police Department

Mt. Pleasent, MI Police Department

Lenexa, KS Police Department

Cumbreland City, Police Department

Danbury, CT Police Department

Roswell, GA Police Department

Eugene, OR Police Department

The Mounted Officer by Harley-Davidson Spring 1997 Issue
AR15 mounted weapon in Harley-Davidson, 2014