Glen Carbon, IL Police Department

The History of the Glen Carbon Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The Village of Glen Carbon is ranked among the top 100 best places to live. CNN Money Magazine’s researchers surveyed small towns across America, gathering data on their unemployment levels, crime rates, school systems and housing costs. Glen Carbon, with a population of 12,500, is praised for its wide selection of affordable housing, abundant vegetation, and strong community spirit. Based on this research, Glen Carbon is recognized among America’s best places to live. Glen Carbon is located in southern Illinois just north east of St. Louis Mo.

Glen Carbon Police Department currently has 2 police motorcycle, 11 patrol vehicles, 3 administration vehicles, while the Police Department consists of the following:

Administration: Chief of Police and a Lieutenant

Patrol: 4 Sergeant, 11 Officer’s and 1 Public Service Officer

Traffic: 1 Sergeant, 1 Officer.

Investigations: 2 Detective’s.

Dispatch Center: 1 Supervisor, 4 Dispatchers.

The Glen Carbon Police Department Motorcycle Unit was started in 1983 when Sgt. James Jones purchased a 1983 Kawasaki Police 1000 motorcycle for department use. With the permission of Chief Bill Moore and the Village of Glen Carbon, Sgt. Jones was approved to use the police Kawasaki for parades and funerals as well as traffic/bicycle safety programs.

In the late 1980’s, under Chief Robert Rizzi, a 1980 and 1981 Police Kawasaki Motorcycle was added to the force. Ptlmn. Mike Pomeroy and Ptlmn. Chuck Wigand were the next two Motor Officers. Though in the early 90s, the both motorcycles were removed from the force, Sgt. Jones continued to use his 1983 Kawasaki for parades and funerals. In 2009, Chief Dave Bradford added a 2008 Police Harley Division Motorcycle and started the Traffic Unit. Sgt. Jones was assigned as the department first Motor Officer to the Traffic Unit. Then, in 2010, Ptlmn. Bronson Painter was added as the second Motor Officer. Sgt. Jones later signed over the 1983 Kawasaki to the Glen Carbon Police Department, and the motorcycle is still in use today. In 2011, Glen Carbon welcomed its new Chief of Police, John Lakin, under whom the Traffic Unit continues to serve the Village of Glen Carbon.

In the first year of the Traffic Unit, the motor officers handled 72 percent of all traffic crashes, 35 percent of all traffic stops, and issued 47 percent of the citations. In addition, the motor units consumed just 1.4 percent of the fuel used by the village and 3.4 percent of the department vehicle maintenance. Overall with the addition of the motor units the Village of Glen Carbon saw a 39 percent decrease in personal injury traffic crashes.

Information and Photos provided by the Glen Carbon, IL Police Department.