Scottsdale Police Department

Motorcycle Unit History

Scottsdale Shoulder Patch
50th Anniversary Patch (1963-2013)

Law enforcement services in Scottsdale were provided by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office until incorporated in 1951, when a town Marshal was hired.  The City continued to grow and by 1955, four Deputy Town Marshals were hired.  In 1963 the Scottsdale Police Department was established with 47 full-time employees and the Marshals traded in the black and silver Marshals patch for the Police patch with the bucking horse that is till worn today.

Scottsdale Police Department Motor Unit

The Scottsdale Police Motor Unit consists of two squads of officers, each supervised by a sergeant.  These highly skilled officers operate high performance motorcycles in their service to the citizens of Scottsdale.  The motto of the Motor Unit is “Our Service Saves Lives“.   The primary goal of the motor unit is to modify dangerous driving behavior through education and enforcement.  Traffic collisions are not accidents, but avoidable events caused by one or more variables.  We are dedicated to reducing traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities by addressing the factors that cause them. Dangerous behaviors include speeding, drug and alcohol consumption, mobile phone usage to include text messaging and aggressive driving.  These are just a few of the variables that directly contribute to collisions.  Motorcycles are utilized by traffic officers due to their efficiency and effectiveness.  all motor officers complete a rigorous training course and must demonstrate their riding proficiency regularly.  Our officers ride in all weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold.

     the primary focus of the Motor Unit is traffic enforcement.  In addition to traffic enforcement, these officers investigate motor vehicle collisions, direct traffic, investigate impaired drivers, inspect commercial vehicles and inspect/install child restraints.  (Call 312-BABY for this service) In addition to their motorcycle, motor officers use other specialized equipment such as tint meters to measure illegal window tinting, RADAR and LIDAR to measure vehicle speeds, and portable breath testers to check for the presence or absence of alcohol.  Motor officers focus their enforcement efforts at high collision locations and areas of citizen concern throughout the City of Scottsdale (Call 312-CARS if you have a traffic concern) Motor officers address every citizen complaint and evaluate the best course of action which may include a multi-faceted approach and use of problem solving techniques.  The Motor Unit is proud to serve the citizens of Scottsdale and know the work we do every day makes the roads safer for all users. 

Motor Unit Group Photo 1985 Kawasaki KZ 1000 P-4 Police
2008 Motor Unit Group Photo 2008 BMW
2016 Honda ST 1300

Information and Photos provided by the Scottsdale, AZ Police Department and the Public Information Office (PIO).