Massachusetts Metropolitan Police

The History of the Massachusetts Metropolitan Police Department Motorcycle Unit

The Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission’s Police Department; the Massachusetts Metro Police was created in 1893. Originally named The Metropolitan Park Police they were renamed the Metropolitan District Police in 1920 and were assigned to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety in 1990 as the Department of Metropolitan Police. In 1992 the department was merged into the Department of State Police. The Metropolitan Police were utilized extensively throughout Massachusetts prior to the formation of the Uniformed branch of the State Police in 1921.

Patrolman Irving B. Harding Metropolitan Police Department EOW: Friday, October 11, 1918 Cause: Motorcycle accident.

Patrolman Fred G. Mercer Metropolitan Police Department EOW: Thursday, September 20, 1923 Cause: Motorcycle accident

Patrolman Thomas J. Sullivan Metropolitan Police Department EOW: Saturday, October 5, 1929 Cause: Motorcycle accident

Motor Officer Mitch Morgan

Information and Photos provided by Mitch Morgan and the Massachusetts Metro Police Facebook Page. Thank you!!