New South Wales, AUS Police Department

The History of the New South Wales Police Department Motorcycle Unit

1915 AJS Motorcycle
1920’s AJS
1920’s Harley-Davidson
1927, Harley-Davidson outfit Shires First Patrol Vehicle
1930’s Indian
1946 Indian Solo
1950’s Indian Outfit
1950’s (Mid) Triumphs
1950’s PSB 3 Cycles
1950’s Triumphs and PSAs
1950’s Triumphs and PSAs
1950’s Triumphs Line Up
1952 Harry Brennan on Triumph. The late Harry Brennan, George Medal recipient (the highest civilian award for bravery – equivalent to the Victoria Cross) for a prolonged pursuit during which shots were exchanged. Later on you will see some shots from the Police Motorcycle Display Team which Harry put together and lead from the front. 
1955 PSA
1959, 60 Fairlane PSA
1960 BMW Radio Bike John Daner
1960 Wide Load Escort
1960 BMW Radio Bikes
1960 Motorcycle Training at St. Ives
1960 Black BMW Lilne Up with NTW Allen
1962 BMW Large Group
1962 Triumph Bonnevilles Brian Anderson and Fred Griffin
1964 Triumph John Lovatt
1964-65 Truimph Line up
1967 Triumph on Expressway
1968 At airport with United States President LBJ
1970 Falcon and Honda Harbourside
1970, 1971 with Nth Sydney Triumphs
1970 Academy Triumph
1970 Triumph
1970 Popes Tour Line up
1970 Police Funeral
1970 26th Oct.  Col Anderson
1970 Honda on Expressway
1973 outside the burrow, Bob Allgood
1974-76 Spectacular Chariots
1974 Waverley Honda at night
1975 Helmet Upgrades
1976 Daceyville Shift
1976 Daceyville Honda
1976 Kawasaki and Charger
1976 Spectacular
1976 Daceyville
1976 Spectacular Ladder Bike
1976 Spectacular Ladder Bike
1976 Spectacular Ladder Bike
1976 Spectacular Tent Pegging
1977 Display Team RAS
1977 Display Team RAS
Brendan Ryan
1977 Kawasaki Z900 Brendan Ryan
1977 Display Team RAS 3-Abreast
1977 Display Team RAS Alan Pollock
1977 Display Team Harry and Meggs
1977 Display Team RAS- Night six abreast

Information and Photos provided by the New South Wales, AUS Police Department.