Lawton, OK Police Department

The History of the Lawton Police Shoulder Patch

The patch has the state outlined in the middle.  It represents the heart of America.  The blue color was borrowed from the Choctaw Indian soldiers flag carried during the Civil War.  The Osage warrior shield, seven Eagle feathers, peace pipe and olive branch are representative of Oklahoma’s tremendous native Indian heritage.  It also has six white crosses representing high ideas.  The buffalo, to the left of the state outline, depicts the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge that is just north of Lawton and borders Ft. Sill.  It has a very large game preserve for the buffalo, longhorn cattle and numerous other wildlife.  The cannon at the bottom of the patch is representative of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  It is the largest U.S. Army artillery base in America.  It is the North boundary of Lawton.

The History of the Lawton Police Department Motorcycle Unit


Information and Photos provided by the Lawton, OK Police Department.