1985 Harley-Davidson FXR-P Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson during the 1970’s and 1980’s under the AMF time were unreliable.  The motorcycles were plagued with oil leaks and mechanical problems and during this time Kawasaki KZ 1000C were the super bikes of the day.  Harley-Davidson in response to the KZ 1000 launched the FXR-P.  The FXR-P was fast and light weight compared to the larger touring model.  The original FXR-P did not have a fairing until 1984 when the fixed fairing was added.  When Harley-Davidson moved away from AMF and with the launch FXR-P helped Harley-Davidson to get back into the Law Enforcement arena.  

1983 Harley-Davidson AD

Reprinted with the permission of “Motorcyclist” Copyright February 1985. Special Thanks to the Editor in Chief of the “Motorcyclist” Brian Catterson.