Pima County Sheriff’s Office

Pima County Sheriff’s Department History

he Pima County Sheriff’s Department serve s population of over 350,000 people living in the unincorporated area of Pima County.  Encompassing 9,241 square miles, it is the several largest county in the nation; larger then the States of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

Since the time Arizona was a territory and its first Sheriff was appointed in 1864, the Pina County Sheriff’s Department has provided fast and effective response to calls for law enforcement service, preventative patrol, public assistance, criminal investigations, and other specialized such as search and rescue and civil process.  Pima County deputies have included such legendary figures as Wyatt Earp, and deputies have pursued and apprehended such notorious criminals as Johnnie Ringo.

Today, the Department employs approximately 500 commissioned deputies and more than 900 civilian and corrections personnel, and utilizes the service of more than 650 volunteers throughout the county.  The Pima County Sheriff’s Department, as a leader in the law enforcement community, took the lead role in developing, implementing, and managing the Pima Regional S.W.A.T. Team.  The Pima Regional S.W.A.T. Team is comprised of numerous law enforcement agencies and fire department throughout Pima County and provides specialized tactical resources to many jurisditions within Pima County.

Managed from its headquarters building at 1750 East Benson Highway, the Department provides law enforcement service from satellite offices in the metropolitan Tucson area as well as office atop Mt. Lemmon and in the outlying communities of Green Valley, Corona de Tucson, Robles Ranch, Catalina City, Picture Rocks, and Ajo (120 miles west of Tucson).

In addition to providing law enforcement service, the Department operates a “New Generation” adult detention center.  This modern facility provides detention services for law enforcement agencies in the metropolitan Tucson area and throughout Pima County.

As a progressive law enforcement agency, we continue to employ new technologies and develop innovative solutions to improve and enhance our capabilities while protecting and servicing the citizens of Pima County.  We are a Department that takes special pride in our most important resource – our employees!   

The History of the Pima County, AZ Sheriff’s Motorcycle Unit

In 1953, The Pima County Sheriff’s Department Motor Unit had been in operation for about one year and ten months.  During this time Motor Deputy Jack Brierly was killed on his motorcycle in a collision on his way to a call.  Sheriff Eyman reported that 17 motorcycle crashes and one death were too much.  Sheriff Eyman eliminated the unit.Currently there are 8 members of the Motor Unit, 7 + a SGT.  The department is using the Honda ST 1300P which is equipped with a computer and ticket writing software and  AR-15’s. Each member of the Motor Unit are DRE’s (Drug Recognition Experts) & Phlebotomist and instructors at the police academy as well as thru out Arizona in vary fields; DRE, HGN, SFST, Collision Reconstruction, Driving, Pursuit driving, Fraudulent identifications, firearms, First aid, Phlebotomy for law enforcement,  Prosecutor training, Traffic law, Judge training on law enforcement issues. The primary goal of the Motor Unit is to enforce traffic laws rigorously and support patrol as needed and address all fatal collisions in unincorporated Pima County. 

Information and Photos provided by the Public Information Officer and Motorcycle Unit of the Pima County, AZ Sheriff’s Office