Miami, FL Police Department

The History of the Miami Police Department Motorcycle Unit

1940 Charlie Cox on Right on 79th Street Causeway
Late 1940’s Charlie Cox in front of the El Toro Lounge on 79th Causeway
President Harry S. Truman with Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox Winter Uniform
Left to Right: Lt. Rick Hedemark, Wally Jefferson, Charlie Cox and Sgt. with Miss Florida
Motor Officer Charlie Cox
Left to Right: Wally Jeffers, Charlie Cox and Henry “Hank” Tilmanon
Lt Clarke
Motor Officer QR Aukamp
Miami Motor Drill Team 1948
Miami Motors with Governor Warren during President Truman’s Inauguration
Miami Motors in Governor’s Inaugural Parade in Tallahassee in 1949
Miami Motor with Radio
Motor Officer QR Aukamp
Motor Officer QR Aukamp
Norris Lowe March 1960
Orange Bowl Parade
Motor Officer QR Aukamp and Son
Motor Officer QR Aukamp
Lt. Larry G. Lover at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Late 1970’s
Motor Officer John Hastey
Motor Officer Terry Russell 1988
Motor Officer QR Aukamp and John Choate
Mike Narganes
On November 1, 2016 Motor Officer Jorge Sanchez was hit and killed during a traffic accident.

Information and Photos provided by the Miami, FL Police Department.