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Titusville Police Department

The History of the Titusville Police Department Motorcycle Unit

While we currently do not use police motorcycles, our department has a long history of using motorcycles for police work, specifically traffic enforcement duties.

In the 70's & 80's we used Kawasaki 1000's. By 2007, our department was using four Harley Davidson Road King Police Motors. However, we decided to try a new approach to traffic enforcement.

In 2008, we purchased both unmarked and "slick-top" cars for the six officers assigned full-time to traffic enforcement duties. By utilizing cars, we were able to avoid the downtime caused during inclement weather. As Floridians know, we have heavy downpours daily during warm summer months. And that heavy rain is when we have our highest crash rate. We believe assigned vehicles are a better tool for our community when it comes to traffic enforcement and working crashes.



1980's circa Kawasaki KZ 1000



1994 Kawsaski KZ 1000 (P-13)


1997 Harley-Davidson Police Road Kings





2006 Harley-Davidson Police Road Kings




Information and Photos provided by Titusville, FL Police Department