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SMART Motorcycle Challenge 2017

Osceola County Sheriff's Office and FDOT Central Florida hosted the First Annual SMART Motorcycle Skills Challenge. This event was put together by Osceola County, FL Sheriff Motor Sergeant Danny Abrahamson.  This event put Civilian riders up against Motor Officers on their personal motorcycles.  This event was designed to help civilian riders as well as Law Enforcement riders to improve their riding skills and promote motorcycle safety through the ability to control their motorcycles in all conditions.  That happened on the first day, early Saturday Morning heavy rain soaked the training area.  Has the day when on it dried out and all 50 riders rode hard and learn a lot during the day.  It was great to see motor officers active and retired working and helping civilian riders through the courses and giving them pointers.  This event was not only and great community relation but showed everyone that they can improve with practice.

This event was a pleasure to be apart of.  The staff, vendors, competitors, and spectators were friendly and welcoming.  Riders from all over Florida and some from Michigan came to train and compete in this first ever event.  The course was designed to push new riders and was still able to challenge seasoned riders.  Not only was the Osceloa County Sheriff Motor Unit there to help the first time competitors but the expericened riders helpped the riders work on improving their time and techquies to help them get through the course.

The course was a great mixture.  The technical side was fun and challenging.  The timed side was a long maze of cones that pushed competitors to their limits with speed, cornering and obstacle aviodance.  

The challenge ride was a blast combining off road riding with manuvering on differnet surfaces pushed every rider.  

I look forward to the next event.

The SMART  Motorcycle Skills Challenge raised money for the Osceola County Sheriff's Adventure Camp.   

(Photo provided by the Osceola County, FL Sheriff's Office)

(Photo provided by the Osceola County, FL Sheriff's Office)

Photos provided by Police Motor Units LLC and other Contributers