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Meaning of the  Wing Wheel

The Meaning of "The Winged Wheel"

The Wing represents Swiftness

The Arrow Precision

The Wheel Motion

A Police Motorcycle is Swift Precise Motion

By. Sgt. J. Hughes

Dutchess County, NY Sheriff’s Office

Motor Unit

The meaning of the Winged Wheel patch.  I am often asked by people who
see it on my sleeve, what is the meaning of the Winged Wheel patch  I
always reply, "straight as an arrow, free as a bird."

Lt Joseph F Tersak Jr
Pittsburgh, PA Police Department

 Motorcycle Unit

The Wing Wheel Worn on Uniforms

Most agencies wear the wing wheel on the left sleeve under the department patch for short sleeve and on just above the cuff on long sleeve shirts.

The arrow on the left sleeve should point to the officer. On the right sleeve it should point to the officer.

On the Cuff long sleeve

On short Sleeve (Right Side)