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Motormen Prayer...

It sounds like thunder far away, but the skies are blue and bright...
And soon they crest the hill nearby, and ride into our sight.
They shake the ground with powerful sound, and they make some hearts beat fast...
They look so proud and noble, like Knights come from the past.

Side by side, they always ride, and seem to move as one...
From early in the morning light, to the setting of the sun.
And children point and wave to them, from cars that pass them by...
And young ones ask their parents, why the men have mirrors for eyes.

They ride the roads, and fight for good, and defend small ones like you...
They ask to ride, and do with pride, and sometimes they are few.
Like men of steel, on Silver Wings, they sparkle in the light...
then with a roar and rumble, they ride out of our sight.

Sometimes when one has fallen, never to ride again...
You can hear the others calling, like thunder on the wind.
Side by side, they slowly ride, and their thunder is a mournful sound...
And the mirrors hide their eyes from us, when teardrops fall to ground.

So if you see one riding, and you look into his face...
You see your reflection in his eyes, you know that you are safe.
For motormen are a special breed, they love to ride the wind...
And when you hear the thunder boom, the fallen ones ride again.


Motorman Ronald A Walker 

Prattville, AL Police 

Motor Unit 222

Written Oct. 25, 1998 

Ohio Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officers

Christopher Schaub - Broward County, FL Sheriff's Office

John C. Samra - Clifton, NJ Police Department

David Brower - Fort Lauderdale, FL Police Department

Rueben Jones - Metro-Dade County, FL Police Department

Roy Waton Dooley - Atlanta, GA Police Department

Kevin John Fischer - Daytona Beach, FL Police Department

Lavon B. New - Turlock, CA Police Department

Robert J. Curry - Gulfport Police Department

John E. Malan - Glens Falls, NY Police Department

Albert Edward Matthis - Arcadia, CA Police Department

Earl Johnson - Miami-Dade County, FL Police Department

Larry Canfield - Sacramento County, CA Sheriff's Department

Jorge Sanchez - Miami, FL Police Department

Norman Lewis - Orange County, FL Sheriff's Office

Kevin Mathews - Palm Beach County, FL Sheriff's Office

Lucas Chellew - California Highway Patrol

Kirk A. Griess - California HIghway Patrol

Ben Zirbel - Clay County, FL Sheriff's Office




Name                               Date of Death    RANK     Department                   

JAMES EDGAR JONES             12/14/1930  Patrol Officer         Abilene, Texas, P.D.                     

BILLY ARTHUR ROSE              10/10/1952  Traffic Officer        Abilene, Texas, P.D.  

LEONARD C HIGGINS              10/11/1923  Deputy Sheriff         Adams County, Colorado, S.O. 

KENNETH  KNEPP                   03/03/1933  Officer                  Akron, Ohio, P.D.   

HAROLD  ROGERS                 07/08/1925  Officer                  Akron, Ohio, P.D.   

GLENN K STEWART               09/05/1970  Patrolman               Akron, Ohio, P.D.   

ARDEN D WEESE                  03/22/1946  Officer                   Akron, Ohio, P.D. 

JULIAN F DRAUGHON            10/03/1953  State Hwy               Alabama Dept. of Public Safety 

JOE F PARTIN                      07/25/1960  State Trooper           Alabama Dept. of Public Safety

WILLIAM D RAIFORD SR         10/16/1937  State Hwy               Alabama Dept. of Public Safety

MAURY  YOUNG                  09/05/1936  State Hwy               Alabama Dept. of Public Safety

DeWARD BURTON GRESHAM  07/11/1942   Officer                   Alameda, California, P.D. 

EARL B CRENSHAW             06/18/1956   Patrolman                Albany, Georgia, P.D. 

RICHARD  ARMIJO                 09/30/1958  Officer                   Albuquerque, New Mexico, P.D. 

MAX R OLDHAM                  02/21/1959  Officer                    Albuquerque, New Mexico, P.D. 

TIMOTHY JOE HUNT              04/20/2000  Sergeant                 Alcoa, Tennessee, P.D.  

ROBERT JACOB BIGELOW     12/09/1933   Patrolman                Altoona, Pennsylvania, P.D.

ROBERT TERRELL ROULSTON 10/16/1988  Officer                   Anaheim, California, P.D.  

WILLIAM LENNIS GIBSON    01/01/1924     Patrolman                Anderson, South Carolina, P.D. 

KENNETH EARL PAYNE      06/04/1946     Patrolman                Ann Arbor, Michigan, P.D. 

GRADY  TODD                 08/01/1936    Police Officer            Anniston, Alabama, P.D. 

JOSEPH ALLEN GOLDSMITH 05/20/2004    Commander              Apache County, Arizona, S.O.  

ALFRED E DUNN              11/02/1926     Motorcycle Officer      Appleton, Wisconsin, P.D.  

JOSEPH A BACHMAN        07/19/1928      Patrolman               Ardsley, New York, P.D.    

JIMMIE HAROLD WHITE II     06/02/2002     Trooper First Class     Arkansas State Police   

ARTHUR  CHOROVICH       12/05/1964      Police Officer           Arlington County, Virginia, P.D.   

HERMAN  GAARE             07/18/1927        Policeman              Arlington Heights, Illinois, P.D.  

FRED JOHN KOERBER        11/22/1924      Policeman              Arlington Heights, Illinois, P.D.  

BILLY  DALY                   12/22/1964      Officer                  Athens, Alabama, P.D. 

KENNETH E BELL               04/04/1968      Police Officer          Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.   

CHARLES J BUSBY            08/28/1959      Police Officer          Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

JAMES MILLARD CANNON    06/17/1973      Police Officer          Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.  

GEORGE  DAWSON            02/25/1994       Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

ROY WATSON DOOLEY      12/06/1979        Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

HIRAM B DURRETT             10/17/1963        Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.  

MICHAEL L LITTLE              02/16/1967        Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

PEARL  MARTIN                 12/15/1961        Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

J HARRY McWILLIAMS        11/13/1946         Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.  

FRED E NUNNALLY            02/11/1956         Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.   

JOE E PHILLIPS                 05/10/1966            Police Officer         Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.   

JOSEPH FARLIN PORTER     10/09/1961          Police Officer        Atlanta, Georgia, P.D.  

WYLEY HART SHEPHERD    01/14/1994           Police Officer       Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

DANIEL  DuROSS              09/24/1963           Police Officer       Atlantic City, New Jersey, P.D. 

GUY SAMUEL BERRY         11/08/1934           Police Officer       Augusta, Georgia, P.D.      



BARNEY EDWARD HARMON    03/10/1932  Police Officer   Augusta, Georgia, P.D. 

E H QUARLES                      09/05/1924  Police Officer   Augusta, Georgia, P.D.  

RICHARD HENRY RILEY          05/28/1941  Police Officer   Augusta, Georgia, P.D.  

LESTER E SLEISTER               01/08/1972  Private          Augusta, Georgia, P.D.  

SELDON L JONES                  05/17/1930  Police Officer  Augusta, Maine, P.D. 

J R CUMMINGS                     12/03/1933  Officer          Austin, Texas, P.D. 

LEE CRAIG SMITH                 12/15/1979  Officer           Austin, Texas, P.D.  

WILLIAM MURRAY STUART     10/16/1933  Sergeant        Austin, Texas, P.D. 

WALTER LEE TUCKER            10/14/1948  Officer           Austin, Texas, P.D.  

WILLIAM LORD RUCKER          07/20/1952  Officer          Bakersfield, California, P.D. 

WILLIAM LEONARD SIKOLA     07/17/1983  Officer           Bakersfield, California, P.D.

FRANK  SPARKS                  06/16/1917  Officer           Bakersfield, California, P.D. 

PATRICK DON VEGAS            06/20/1980  Sergeant        Bakersfield, California, P.D. 

JOHN F ANDREWS               10/09/1957  Police Officer    Baltimore City, Maryland, P.D. 

THOMAS J BURNS                10/01/1948  Police Officer   Baltimore City, Maryland, P.D. 

WARREN V ECKERT              11/16/1960  Police Officer   Baltimore City, Maryland, P.D. 

GEORGE D HART                  01/02/1925  Police Officer   Baltimore City, Maryland, P.D. 

ROBERT K NELSON               09/19/1958  Police Officer   Baltimore City, Maryland, P.D. 

A G BUSH                          01/26/1954  Police Officer   Bartow, Florida, P.D. 

CARL ROBERT D'ABADIE         04/06/1984  Lieutenant      Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D. 

THOMAS R FANCHER             09/10/1968  Officer          Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D.

DENNIS R HEAP                    06/01/1972  Officer          Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D. 

CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL          08/14/2006  Corporal        Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D. 


DON CARLTON JOHNSON JR    07/11/1999  Deputy Sheriff  Bay County, Florida, S.O.  

PATRICK BRUCE HUNT            09/08/1977  Patrolman       Beaumont, Texas, P.D. 

DANNY DEAN RICHMOND         03/12/1980  Patrolman       Beaumont, Texas, P.D. 

GORDON UDELL WARRICK       04/15/1944  Patrolman       Beaumont, Texas, P.D.  

HENRY N WILLIAMS               04/26/1950  Patrolman        Beaumont, Texas, P.D. 

THOMAS M WADE                 05/09/1925  Sergeant         Bedford Town, New York, P.D. 

MICHAEL  HANLY                  07/24/1927  Patrolman        Belleville, New Jersey, P.D.

JAMES T SMITH                     05/21/1950  Patrolman        Belleville, New Jersey, P.D.

FRANK  KRIZEK SR                04/24/1947  Patrolman        Berwyn, Illinois, P.D. 

FRANCIS X CARVER             11/19/1948  Police Officer     Beverly Hills, California, P.D. 

JESSE E FARR                    04/09/1925  Police Officer     Beverly Hills, California, P.D.  

EMERY  WILSON                  11/09/1970  Patrolman         Biloxi, Mississippi, P.D. 

GERALD M TRACEY             12/23/1928  Patrolman         Binghamton, New York, P.D. 

HENRY FRANCIS MILLS         08/08/1930  Motor Scout      Birmingham, Alabama, P.D. 

HERBERT C OSBORN            07/24/1962  Police Officer   Birmingham, Alabama, P.D. 

DUMAS A PHILLIPS              04/23/1934  Police Officer   Birmingham, Alabama, P.D.  

HOMER EARNEST POORE      06/30/1936  Police Officer   Birmingham, Alabama, P.D.

NEWTON EDWARD WOLFF    07/12/1941  Police Officer   Birmingham, Alabama, P.D. 

DOUGLAS H PYLE              09/15/1988  Patrolman       Borough of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, P.D.

WILLIAM L ABBOT             11/28/1931  Patrolman        Boston, Massachusetts, P.D.

HERBERT D ALLEN             12/25/1927  Patrolman       Boston, Massachusetts, P.D. 

 WARD M BRAY                04/14/1921  Patrolman       Boston, Massachusetts, P.D. 

 MICHAEL J CROWLEY        05/12/1961  Patrolman       Boston, Massachusetts, P.D. 

 DANIEL A McCALLUM        05/12/1935  Patrolman       Boston, Massachusetts, P.D.   

EMIL CARL KEHR              12/06/1932   Police Officer   Brentwood, Pennsylvania, P.D.



LEROY  DUNN                         08/13/1950  Patrolman       Bridgeport, Connecticut, P.D.

ARTHUR  SALTHOUSE               10/13/1969  Patrolman       Bridgeport, Connecticut, P.D.

RAYMOND  WENNER                 08/01/1945  Deputy Sheriff  Brown County, Wisconsin, S.D.

CLEVELAND RAY CHRISTIAN       05/16/1986  Corporal  Brunswick, Georgia, P.D.

MARK DAMON HIATT                 12/02/2000  Police Officer Bryan, Texas, P.D.

TYLER MATTHEW PINCHOT         09/21/2003  Corporal  Buena Park, California, P.D.

ROBERT H GOOD                     05/11/1949  Patrolman Buffalo, New York, P.D.       

EDMUND  LISIECKI                     01/26/1936  Patrolman Buffalo, New York, P.D.       

RICHARD E KUNKLE                   09/22/1961  Officer    Burbank, California, P.D. 

JOSEPH R WILSON                    06/17/1961  Officer    Burbank, California, P.D. 

CHARLES MARION ALVITRE         08/26/1923  Officer    California Highway Patrol

EARL M AMES                          10/10/1936  Officer    California Highway Patrol

DEAN EDWARD BEATTIE              11/19/2003  Police Officer California Highway Patrol

CLINTON  BENJAMIN                   08/10/1942  Officer   California Highway Patrol

ROBERT M BLOMO                     09/04/1969  Officer   California Highway Patrol

EDWARD L BOND                      04/14/1935  Police Officer California Highway Patrol

IVAN  CASSELMAN                   08/24/1935  Officer    California Highway Patrol

HUGH C CLINE                         08/26/1934  Officer    California Highway Patrol

EDGAR J COMBS                      09/09/1930  Officer    California Highway Patrol

SAMUEL G COPE                      01/16/1940  Officer    California Highway Patrol

EDWIN B CROOK                      07/08/1932  Officer    California Highway Patrol

ROBERT D DALE                      03/10/1960  Officer    California Highway Patrol

ELIOT O DALEY                       05/17/1942  Officer    California Highway Patrol                

JAMES B DALZIEL                    06/30/1945  Officer    California Highway Patrol

JOHN A DAROUX                     03/12/1933  Officer    California Highway Patrol

TED  DAVIS                            03/11/1933  Officer    California Highway Patrol

MERLE E DeWITT                      12/24/1963  Officer    California Highway Patrol

HERBERT F DIMON                    02/07/1959  Officer    California Highway Patrol

SHANNON LEE DISTEL               08/27/2003  Police Officer California Highway Patrol

NELSON S DWELLY                  07/10/1943  Officer    California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM C FOOTE                    06/23/1952  Officer    California Highway Patrol

HOWARD  GARLINGER              10/30/1929  Officer    California Highway Patrol

FORREST C GERKEN                 02/15/1944  Officer    California Highway Patrol

RAYMOND A GIEGER                08/10/1956  Officer    California Highway Patrol

JAMES M GOODMAN                06/03/2004  Police Officer  California Highway Patrol

LEWIS  GREGG                       11/04/1944  Officer    California Highway Patrol

MICHAEL S GRIFFIN                  01/13/1966  Officer    California Highway Patrol

ROBERT B HEBERLIE                11/22/1958  Officer     California Highway Patrol

ROBERT C HELLER                   01/12/1942  Officer     California Highway Patrol

DAVID R HENDERSON               12/07/1944  Officer     California Highway Patrol

A E HINCK                              08/14/1932  Officer    California Highway Patrol

LUTHER W HOGAN                   02/26/1929  Officer     California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM D HUCKABY                01/12/1964  Sergeant  California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM C ISAACS                   08/25/1966  Officer     California Highway Patrol

JOSEPH F JOHNSTON JR            10/12/1958  Officer     California Highway Patrol

GEORGE E KALLEMEYN             07/21/1959  Officer     California Highway Patrol

NORMAN A KESSLER                05/17/1945  Officer     California Highway Patrol

FRED J KOWOLOWSKI               12/26/1938  Officer     California Highway Patrol

LESLIE  LAUTERWASSER            06/27/1941  Officer    California Highway Patrol   

SCOTT  LEATHERMAN                05/03/1942  Officer    California Highway Patrol



CAMILE E MADERE                     01/24/1958  Officer      California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM F MALIN                      07/04/1940  Officer       California Highway Patrol              

DAVID WAYNE MANNING            02/15/1996  Officer        California Highway Patrol

JACK E MARKS                        04/11/1933  Officer       California Highway Patrol

FRANK J MAUS                        07/14/1946  Officer        California Highway Patrol

WALTER C MAXEY                    02/02/1943  Officer        California Highway Patrol

ROBERT ANTON MAYER             09/02/1971  Officer        California Highway Patrol

OSCAR D McMURRY                  03/05/1934  Officer       California Highway Patrol

M PAUL MENGEDOTH                  02/07/1941  Officer       California Highway Patrol

ERNEST R NELSON                     08/29/1939  Officer       California Highway Patrol

HAROLD E NICHOLS                   09/12/1945  Officer        California Highway Patrol

CHARLES H NISSEN                   12/17/1935  Officer         California Highway Patrol

JAMES CHRISTOPHER O'CONNOR  11/15/1990  Officer         California Highway Patrol

MAURICE W OWEN                    09/22/1940  Police Officer  California Highway Patrol

FRANCIS J PERRY                    07/07/1934  Officer        California Highway Patrol

ROBERT A PHILLIPS                  01/06/1975  Officer         California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM E PITOIS                     11/04/1960  Officer         California Highway Patrol

JAMES B POWER                     03/25/1925  Captain         California Highway Patrol

JOHN A REED                         05/18/1944  Officer          California Highway Patrol

BURT  REEVES                        09/22/1931  Officer         California Highway Patrol

DAVID M ROMERO                    09/23/2005  Police Officer California Highway Patrol

FLOYD A RUSSELL                   01/15/1933  Officer         California Highway Patrol

RICHARD L SIMPSON                  09/25/1946  Officer        California Highway Patrol

WILLIAM P SNIFFEN                   04/05/1973  Officer         California Highway Patrol

JOHN LEE STEEL                       04/23/1993  Sergeant      California Highway Patrol

JOSEPH A STUCKER                  01/07/1943  Officer          California Highway Patrol

ROBERT W SUESS                     02/15/1958  Officer         California Highway Patrol

RICHARD H TREMBATH               12/04/1937  Officer         California Highway Patrol

MARTIN J TRIPPTREE                  12/15/1965  Officer         California Highway Patrol

W R VALENTINE                       05/30/1925  Officer         California Highway Patrol

JAMES H VANDEWEG                07/12/1945  Officer         California Highway Patrol

FREDERICK  WALES                  02/07/1943  Officer         California Highway Patrol

JOHN R WALTERS                    11/18/1947  Officer         California Highway Patrol

ELBER D WARREN                    01/24/1931  Officer         California Highway Patrol

LEONARD W WINNEY                11/12/1959  Officer         California Highway Patrol

KENNETH L WITKE                    01/14/1964  Officer         California Highway Patrol

RICHARD G WOODS                  07/16/1969  Officer         California Highway Patrol

GEORGE A WOODSON              12/23/1955  Officer          California Highway Patrol

CHARLES O WOODWORTH         08/12/1964  Officer          California Highway Patrol

GEORGE F JEFFERIS                 09/05/1951  Police Officer  Camden, New Jersey, P.D.

LEON F PUSZCYKOWSKI           10/23/1939  Motorcycle      Camden, New Jersey, P.D.

M ROY HAMLIN                       05/23/1925  Patrol Officer   Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, P.D.

WILLIAM ROBERT JACK             09/01/1991  Police Officer  Carlsbad, California, P.D.

MELVIN LEE HODGES                06/07/1962  Patrolman       Carlsbad, New Mexico, P.D.

ORLANDO  CASADO MOLINA      11/26/2000  Police Officer  Carolina, Puerto Rico, Municipal

RAMON A SEPULVEDA ROSADO  07/20/2004  Police Officer  Carolina, Puerto Rico, Municipal

GEORGE F RADDEN              11/18/1925  Officer              Casper, Wyoming, P.D.

LOUIS DIXON BEAM              05/14/2007  Town Marshal      Cayuga, Indiana, Town Marshal

TIMOTHY CLYDE MINOR         02/12/1996  Sergeant            Charles County, Maryland, S.O. 

JULIAN C BUNCH                 05/01/1932   Patrolman           Charleston, South Carolina, P.D.



WALTER J MILLER            07/14/1940  Policeman           Charleston, South Carolina, P.D.     

CURTIS M MOORE            04/24/1983  Deputy Sheriff      Charlotte County, Florida, S.O.

W FRANK GODBOLD        03/29/1929  Police Officer        Chatham County, Georgia, P.D. 

WILLIAM S WINN             11/01/1934  Police Officer         Chatham County, Georgia, P.D.

JOHN  BAUER                01/05/1929  Patrolman             Cheektowaga, New York, P.D. 

SHELBY DEAN BLACKFOX  11/06/2001  Sergeant            Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma Marshals Svc

JOHN  POLCSAK            08/26/1931  Patrolman             Cheswick Borough, Pennsylvania P.D.

DENNIS MERWIN SHUCK   08/23/2006  Patrolman             Cheyenne, Wyoming, P.D.

WILLIAM  ALLISON         06/23/1925  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.        

THOMAS W BURKE        06/16/1921  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.    

HARRY J BUSSE           01/17/1920  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

MELVIN  COHEN            07/12/1971  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.    

MARTIN J COLLINS        01/04/1921  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

ROY W COSTELLO       10/25/1945  Motorcycle Officer   Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

JOHN  DONNER            05/17/1917  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

FREDERICK  FISCHER     10/22/1936  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

MATTHEW J FOLEY       09/12/1918  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

ROBERT  GIBBONS       06/26/1922  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

MELVIN L GOSSMEYER 07/17/1960  Police Officer         Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

WILLARD E HOARD      09/10/1933  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

RICHARD J KEOGH       09/27/1932  Policeman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

JOSEPH  KLOCEK        10/08/1935  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

THOMAS  LOCASHIO    09/09/1930  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

JOHN F MAHER           10/07/1916  Patrolman             Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

FRED  MUDLOFF          10/06/1929  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

ROBERT E OMAN         11/07/1946  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

WALTER J RILEY         10/26/1926  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

RUDOLPH  SKALA       11/21/1915  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.                 

VINCENT  SPIRO          07/09/1923  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

ARTHUR  SWANSON    05/21/1936  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

ARTHUR  WITTBRODT   01/16/1932  Patrolman            Chicago, Illinois, P.D.

JAMES E WALDON      08/12/1928  Patrolman             Chillicothe, Ohio, P.D.

 WILLIAM  DUSEK        07/29/1936  Patrolman            Cicero, Illinois, P.D.

JAMES FRANCIS JENISTA  07/14/1934  Patrolman        Cicero, Illinois, P.D.

HOWARD E BEITMAN      09/25/1935  Patrolman          Cincinnati, Ohio, P.D.

LEWIS WILLIAM HALL     01/01/1948  Patrolman          Cincinnati, Ohio, P.D.

J ROY HICKS                02/25/1935  Patrolman         Cincinnati, Ohio, P.D.

JOHN W HUGHES           01/01/1948  Patrolman         Cincinnati, Ohio, P.D. 

JOHN W NEAL               01/01/1944  Patrolman         Cincinnati, Ohio, P.D.

FRANK  GUZZO             09/10/1952  Patrolman        City of Orange, New Jersey, P.D.

AARON DOUG GLENN      11/15/1983  Patrolman        Clarksville, Tennessee, P.D. 

SHAWN  NEWLIN            03/04/2007  Police Officer    Clayton County, Georgia, P.D.     

HARRY LORAIN CONYERS JR     01/22/1967  Police Officer Clearwater, Florida, P.D.

JOHN FREDERICK PASSER         07/12/1970  Police Officer Clearwater, Florida, P.D.

PETER MAYO PRICE                 02/12/1969  Police Officer Clearwater, Florida, P.D.

ROY W BUCKNER JR                11/11/1968  Patrolman     Cleveland, Ohio, P.D.

WILLIAM  BURMEISTER              10/20/1935  Patrolman     Cleveland, Ohio, P.D.

ALBERT  FLEMKE                     03/22/1928  Patrolman     Cleveland, Ohio, P.D.



CHARLES J FRANTZ 04/14/1925 Patrolman Cleveland, Ohio, P.D.

FRANK HUMR 10/29/1965 Patrolman Cleveland, Ohio, P.D.

ROY NIGHTWINE 05/11/1924 Patrolman Cleveland, Ohio, P.D. 

RICHARD WHITE 08/04/1927 Patrolman Cleveland, Ohio, P.D. 

JOHN CHARLES SAMRA 11/21/2003 Police Officer Clifton, New Jersey, P.D. 

HENRY THOMAS ROSAMOND 06/13/1931 Police Officer College Park, Georgia, P.D. 

WILLIAM IRWIN 01/20/1929 Deputy Sheriff Collier County, Florida, S.O.

W R RICHARDSON 12/14/1928 Deputy Sheriff Collier County, Florida, S.O. 

DENNIS JOHN IVES 08/07/1975 Officer Colorado Springs, Colorado, P.D.

ARNOLD B GULZOW 06/26/1941 Captain Colorado State Patrol

WESLEY MACK 07/12/2004 Deputy Corporal Columbia County, Georgia, S.O. 

DALE E BARKLEY 01/27/1981 Police Officer Columbia, South Carolina, P.D. 

SUMPTER BURNS 11/06/1946 Sergeant Columbus, Georgia, P.D.

SIFE PERDUE 01/05/1994 Patrolman Columbus, Georgia, P.D.

HORACE D ELLIOTT 03/29/1927 Patrolman Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 47-W: 4

CAMPBELL K JENKINS 01/09/1939 Patrolman Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 51-W: 6

ROBERT F LISSKA 05/27/1965 Patrolman Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 52-W: 6

JOHN M McCULLOUGH 01/18/1942 Patrolman Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 43-W: 13

LLOYD J EUKERS 07/21/1928 Trooper Connecticut State Police 7-E: 4

STANLEY C HELLBERG 06/01/1929 Trooper Connecticut State Police 37-E: 6

PEARLE E ROBERTS 11/25/1922 Trooper Connecticut State Police 34-W: 8

BARTHOLOMEW M SKELLY 11/14/1925 Trooper Connecticut State Police 35-W: 13

LEONARD H WATSON 10/22/1932 Trooper Connecticut State Police 26-W: 17

FREDERICK C BRYANT 05/24/1930 Policeman Cook County, Illinois, Highway 46-E: 24

MEYER JOSEPH LAPINE 09/05/1932 Policeman Cook County, Illinois, Highway 34-W: 25

MICHAEL MAURICE JOHNS 12/28/2001 Police Officer Coppell, Texas, P.D. 17-E: 22

BILLY HOWARD STEPHENS 11/22/1957 Police Officer Coral Gables, Florida, P.D. 21-W: 12

JOSEPH LEROY MOON 06/10/1938 Patrolman Corpus Christi, Texas, P.D. 5-W: 23

DAVID B ROGERS 05/13/1923 Patrolman Covington, Kentucky, P.D. 33-E: 14

HARRY ROSE 11/10/1938 Patrolman Covington, Kentucky, P.D. 1-E: 9

ANTHONY SUIRE 09/06/1962 Patrolman Crowley, Louisiana, P.D. 9-W: 1

ALONZO H GARWOOD 09/04/1921 Police Officer Culver City, California, P.D. 63-E: 7

CLARENCE CERILL CHANCE 05/30/1947 Patrolman Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, P.D. 43-W: 2

BILLY WALTER DAUGHERTY 08/14/1992 Senior Corporal Dallas, Texas, P.D. 63-E: 18

RALPH WENDELL HOYT 02/20/1937 Officer Dallas, Texas, P.D. 35-W: 5

JAMES DOUGLAS STEWART 11/12/1967 Officer Dallas, Texas, P.D. 49-W: 8

RICHARD DAVID BARREDA 02/14/1997 Corporal Dallas/Fort Worth Intl. Airport, 2-W: 21

Texas, P.D.

RICHARD OWEN BAKER 11/05/1965 Patrolman Dayton, Ohio, P.D. 28-W: 5

JOHN J STAPLETON 01/17/1916 Patrolman Dayton, Ohio, P.D. 33-W: 1

PAUL H JOWELL 05/28/1927 City Traffic Officer Deaf Smith County, Texas, S.D. 26-E: 19

EDWIN CECIL GARRISON 09/20/1946 Officer DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 39-W: 1

RICHARD LEE TEAGUE 11/23/1992 Police Officer DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 19-E: 19

JOHN T MILLER 07/04/1990 Patrolman Del Rio, Texas, P.D. 62-W: 13

FRANCIS RYAN 11/02/1922 Officer Delaware State Police 14-E: 20

DENNIS MICHAEL LICATA 09/06/2000 Police Denver, Colorado, P.D. 44-W: 22

ALSON E McCASLAND 05/28/1935 Patrolman Denver, Colorado, P.D. 53-W: 14

WILLIAM J WIRTZ 02/10/1971 Patrolman Denver, Colorado, P.D. 44-W: 15

GERALD D PICKETT 09/24/1925 Patrolman Des Moines, Iowa, P.D. 5-E: 15

RUPERT L SHEPHERD 08/01/1930 Sergeant Des Moines, Iowa, P.D. 31-W: 3




OTTO A BALK 11/01/1921 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 23-W: 13

RODNEY L BENNETT 05/28/1990 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 25-E: 15

JOHN CALANDRO JR 08/19/1963 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 53-E: 5

RONALD I ENGLISH 07/27/1959 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 22-W: 3

JOHN B FRENCH 05/15/1958 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 64-W: 9

WILLIAM M GRATTON 12/15/1923 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 6-E: 10

CHARLES C McMILLAN 04/24/1930 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 60-E: 4

ARTHUR E MEYERS 07/14/1953 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 22-E: 10

RAYMOND MUNDY 10/14/1930 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 8-W: 2

EDWARD C SAMPSON 06/24/1933 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 20-W: 7

LLOYD O SCHULTZ 11/12/1929 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 29-E: 15

CONRAD W SIPPEL 08/26/1937 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 29-E: 11

JOHN E ZEH 06/04/1944 Police Officer Detroit, Michigan, P.D. 16-W: 4

KURTH BENTZ 05/08/1936 Officer Dodge County, Wisconsin, S.D. 37-W: 6

HUGO LISKO 09/27/1926 Officer Dodge County, Wisconsin, S.D. 63-W: 15

SHELBY FREEMAN OWENS 11/09/1970 Sergeant Dothan, Alabama, P.D. 26-W: 12

RONALD MARK KING 05/21/1999 Deputy Sheriff Douglas County, Colorado, S.O. 64-E: 21

THOMAS EMERY DESHAZO 05/24/1930 Police Officer Dover, New Jersey, P.D. 4-E: 20

SHIRLEY LADD 01/01/1943 Patrolman Durham, North Carolina, P.D. 47-E: 12

J CLARENCE PRICE 12/03/1939 Patrolman Durham, North Carolina, P.D. 25-E: 16

JACK PARKER 07/28/1929 Officer East Point, Georgia, P.D. 52-W: 5

JOSEPH FRANK SYKES JR 06/02/1969 Officer East Point, Georgia, P.D. 44-W: 2

EARL VICKERY 11/20/1938 Officer East Point, Georgia, P.D. 55-W: 8

CLARE A FLETCHER 06/16/1940 Patrolman East St. Louis, Illinois, P.D. 8-W: 1

MICHAEL DUDASH 10/10/1924 Patrolman Edison, New Jersey, P.D. 5-E: 16

ROBERT W FRANKS 08/12/1948 Officer El Centro, California, P.D. 37-E: 14

V O WHITE 08/28/1934 Deputy Sheriff El Paso County, Texas, S.D. 11-E: 22

ARTHUR J LAVENDER 12/16/1966 Patrolman El Paso, Texas, P.D. 35-W: 4

LYNN McCLINTOCK 10/03/1926 Patrolman El Paso, Texas, P.D. 60-W: 15

GUY RAY MYERS JR 07/24/1970 Patrolman El Paso, Texas, P.D. 60-W: 4

GEORGE N GUEMPEL 04/15/1941 Police Officer Elizabeth, New Jersey, P.D. 6-E: 14

GEORGE W OLSEN 10/17/1929 Patrolman Elmsford, New York, P.D. 53-E: 15

NELS M CHRISTY 07/02/1930 Patrolman Elmwood Park, Illinois, P.D. 21-W: 5

DONALD W PARKER JR 05/23/1985 Patrolman Erie, Pennsylvania, P.D. 2-E: 16

MELVIN WILCOX 05/04/1979 Patrolman Erie, Pennsylvania, P.D. 24-W: 17

TOMMY F BERNAL 06/28/2001 Captain Fairfax County, Virginia, P.D. 18-E: 22

JAMES WOODARD McLAURIN 03/02/1951 Patrolman Fayetteville, North Carolina, P.D. 20-W: 21

KENNETH B BELL 10/18/1962 Patrolman Fitchburg, Massachusetts, P.D. 13-E: 8

LEO GLOVER 05/23/1974 Officer Florence, Alabama, P.D. 2-E: 8

DAVID R YOUNG 05/03/2007 Police Officer Florence, Alabama, P.D. 7-W: 26

HAROLD N COUSAR III 05/02/1983 Police Officer Florence, South Carolina, P.D. 56-E: 1

CECIL SPENCER 08/26/1928 Police Officer Fordson, Michigan, P.D. 42-E: 19

DAVID PAUL LAND 03/26/2003 Sergeant Forsyth County, Georgia, S.D. 21-W: 24

DAVID L BROWER 12/29/1994 Patrol Officer Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D. 53-E: 19

CHARLES E BRUCE 08/24/1983 Patrolman Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D. 61-E: 7

GREGORY J CONNERS 11/12/1977 Sergeant Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D. 9-W: 17

R DWIGHT JOHNSTON 04/05/1947 Sergeant Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D. 47-E: 17

DONALD E KIRBY 10/09/1968 Patrolman Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D. 6-E: 10

KEVIN ROBERT GREENER 08/09/1999 Police Officer Fort Lee, New Jersey, P.D. 50-E: 21

JAMES H CHANDLER JR 09/25/1982 Patrolman Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, P.D. 39-W: 9



JOHN D BELL 08/13/1921 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 25-W: 13

NAMON L COX 06/24/1952 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 50-W: 6

JAMES LEE DOWDY 06/17/1956 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 49-W: 16

CLAUDE HENRY HARMON JR 10/16/1957 Police Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 35-W: 12

CHARLES WAYNE HOFFMAN 06/17/1952 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 40-W: 4

R P HOLLOWELL 12/26/1914 Patrolman Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 38-E: 22

LEWIS J LEWIS JR 03/07/1923 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 6-W: 25

HAL CLOVIS STEPHENSON 10/02/1968 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 31-W: 3

LOY HOWARD WALTON 05/20/1959 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 3-E: 15

WALTON ODELL WHATLEY 07/28/1949 Officer Fort Worth, Texas, P.D. 40-W: 11

FREDERICK JAMES SMARTT 08/16/1918 Deputy Constable Fresno County, California, S.O. 45-W: 23

ELMER M FORSMAN 10/06/1946 Officer Fresno, California, P.D. 14-W: 3

WILLIAM EDWARD LEHN 06/21/1994 Police Officer Fresno, California, P.D. 55-E: 19

DANIEL CARROL DALLEY 06/03/2001 Acting Chief of Fruita, Colorado, P.D. 42-E: 22

JIMMY RAY McKIVEN 09/16/1983 Patrolman Gadsden, Alabama, P.D. 11-E: 2

RONALD T BACA 01/03/1986 Officer Gallup, New Mexico, P.D. 48-E: 17

ALBERT FREDRICKSON 06/02/1933 Officer Galveston, Texas, P.D. 12-E: 1

JAMES GENE REEGAN 06/29/1927 Officer Galveston, Texas, P.D. 58-W: 4

IGNAZIO J CIUPPA 03/15/1954 Sergeant Garfield, New Jersey, P.D. 27-W: 17

WALTER POTURALSKY 08/08/1935 Patrolman Gary, Indiana, P.D. 33-W: 16

JOHN HAZEL SMITH 09/05/1937 Patrolman Gastonia, North Carolina, P.D. 18-W: 2

JOHN T PORTER JR 05/12/1932 Police Officer Geneva, Illinois, P.D. 47-W: 25

ROCKY DAREN WAINWRIGHT 08/19/1999 Corporal Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources 39-E: 21

MITCHELL LEROY SMITH 09/13/1946 Deputy Sheriff Gila County, Arizona, S.O. 5-E: 16

ROBERT DANIEL TARGOSZ 04/30/2006 Police Officer Gilbert, Arizona, P.D. 35-E: 25

HARRY HASSELBERG 06/17/1930 Patrol Officer Glencoe Dept. of Public Safety, 26-E: 10

JOHN E MALAN 09/02/1935 Patrolman Glens Falls, New York, P.D. 57-E: 9

ROBERT D MARTIN 10/12/1966 Police Officer Grand Forks, North Dakota, P.D. 12-E: 8

CHARLES I DeYOUNG 06/07/1920 Patrolman Grand Rapids, Michigan, P.D. 17-W: 13

FRANCIS M GALLUP 05/13/1946 Patrolman Grand Rapids, Michigan, P.D. 4-E: 3

GEORGE GENG 05/17/1921 Patrolman Grand Rapids, Michigan, P.D. 20-W: 15

JOHN MEIBOOM 10/10/1925 Patrolman Grand Rapids, Michigan, P.D. 61-E: 17

JOSEPH VASTINE HERRING 09/21/1968 Officer Greenville, Alabama, P.D. 3-E: 17

JOSEPH L NOBLES 10/05/1926 Officer Greenville, North Carolina, P.D. 25-E: 17

WILLIAM J ROBBINS 05/17/1929 Police Officer Greenwich, Connecticut, P.D. 36-W: 16

FRANKIE EUGENE SMITH 12/30/2007 Sergeant Guam, P.D. 63-W: 26

WOODROW WAYNE SCARBROUGH 05/05/1970 Police Officer Gulfport, Mississippi, P.D. 4-W: 17

FRANK KOWAL 07/05/1931 Patrolman Hadley, Massachusetts, P.D. 4-W: 22

HAROLD A PELISSIER 06/29/1930 Patrolman Hadley, Massachusetts, P.D. 40-E: 21

PHOENIX M BRAITHWAITE 08/02/2006 Police Officer Haines City, Florida, P.D. 63-W: 25

JOHN GORALCZYK 11/03/1926 Patrolman Hamtramck, Michigan, P.D. 22-W: 12

PHILIP GENNA 11/19/1956 Patrol Officer Harper Woods, Michigan, P.D. 6-E: 16

JAMES SINGLETON 06/08/1912 Constable Harris County, Texas, C.O. 17-E: 23

RICHARD MAURICE BLACKWELL 09/06/1989 Deputy Sheriff Harris County, Texas, S.O. 32-W: 9

KEITH ALAN FRICKE 06/03/1997 Deputy Sheriff Harris County, Texas, S.O. 33-E: 20

RICKY AARON YATES 01/25/1994 Deputy Sheriff Harris County, Texas, S.O. 58-E: 19

GERALD DeLAMATER 02/27/1939 Patrolman Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, 10-E: 12

LESLIE H PETERS JR 06/27/1986 Patrolman Haverhill, Massachusetts, P.D. 30-E: 14

ELVIS ORVAL BROWN 06/17/1937 Deputy Constable Henderson County, Texas, C.O., 12-E: 25

Pct. 8



AUSTIN EUGENE VANOVER SR 08/13/1958 Patrolman Henderson, Kentucky, P.D. 26-E: 16

DANIEL STANLEY MacCLARY 09/27/2000 Police Officer Hendersonville, Tennessee, P.D. 44-W: 22

JODY B SADEK 09/20/1988 Sergeant Hendersonville, Tennessee, P.D. 33-W: 10

WILLIAM HERMAN EDWARDS III 02/02/1998 Officer Henrico County, Virginia, P.D. 39-W: 21

LARRY E STREIGHT 08/28/1986 Sergeant Henry County, Illinois, S.O. 35-W: 4

RALPH JARRELL RUTHERFORD 03/29/1927 Police Officer Hereford, Texas, P.D. 4-E: 23

GARY DEAN MOSS 06/24/1982 Police Officer Hermosa Beach, California, P.D. 21-E: 15

SAM R TIDWELL 06/29/1935 Deputy Sheriff Hidalgo County, Texas, S.O. 51-E: 22

T J TUBRE 02/13/1938 Patrolman Highland Park, Texas, P.D. 50-W: 8

THOMAS W ENGLAND 08/16/1932 Patrolman Hillside, New Jersey, P.D. 47-E: 19

PAUL H SCHWIEGER 06/11/1927 Patrolman Hinsdale, Illinois, P.D. 19-W: 12

JOSEPH M JAEGER 07/06/1924 Patrolman Hoboken, New Jersey, P.D. 49-W: 9

THOMAS F McINTYRE 10/06/1951 Patrolman Hoboken, New Jersey, P.D. 7-E: 14

PAUL EDWARD BUCKLEY 10/19/1920 Motorcycle Officer Homewood, Illinois, P.D. 62-W: 24

STEVE BASTIDAS FAVELA 11/26/2006 Police Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 44-E: 25

RYAN KEITH GOTO 07/23/2003 Police Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 34-E: 23

ERNEST A GROGG 08/26/1979 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 61-W: 2

PATRICK K IHU 06/01/1964 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 31-W: 5

GEORGE H MACY 07/22/1926 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 13-E: 17

DAVID MAHUKONA 10/28/1923 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 13-E: 4

FRANK R MEDEIROS 01/25/1967 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 27-W: 4

DAVID W PARKER 03/01/1985 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 60-W: 2

GEORGE ROGERS 09/10/1930 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 58-W: 3

ROY EUGENE THURMAN 10/20/1990 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 5-W: 4

FREDERICK WRIGHT 04/30/1916 Officer Honolulu, Hawaii, P.D. 61-W: 17

C E BRANON 03/20/1959 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 36-W: 3

KEITH ALAN DEES 03/07/2002 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 25-E: 23

WILLIAM EDWIN DeLEON 03/29/1982 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 2-E: 9

J C ETHERIDGE 08/23/1924 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 11-E: 2

S A BUSTER KENT 01/12/1954 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 10-E: 3

CHARLES R McDANIEL 08/04/1963 Sergeant Houston, Texas, P.D. 49-W: 14

HARRY MERENESS 10/18/1933 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 3-E: 11

WINSTON J RAWLINGS 03/29/1982 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 2-E: 8

JAMES T WALKER 03/08/1963 Police Officer Houston, Texas, P.D. 14-E: 14

THOMAS JOSEPH CLOSSEY 01/13/1929 Patrolman Hudson County, New Jersey, S.D. 26-E: 18

PRESTON R BUTLER 06/03/1966 Police Officer Huntsville, Alabama, P.D. 15-E: 4

CHARLES E DRAKE JR 07/23/1962 Police Officer Huntsville, Alabama, P.D. 32-W: 11

ETWELL B STARR 12/05/1953 Police Officer Huntsville, Alabama, P.D. 61-W: 5

ROBERT JOHN KING 06/18/1984 Private Hyattsville, Maryland, P.D. 33-E: 1

KENNETH L CHURCH 12/05/1931 Trooper Illinois State Police 9-E: 13

CHARLES DEANS 08/08/1944 Trooper Illinois State Police 16-E: 10

ROBERT L FISHER 04/24/1929 Trooper Illinois State Police 20-E: 8

ROCCO V GRAGIDO 09/11/1940 Trooper Illinois State Police 27-E: 14

RICHARD GROJA 05/28/1933 Trooper Illinois State Police 53-E: 12

PHILLIP B GUINTO 08/05/1943 Sergeant Illinois State Police 59-E: 2

LEO J LaVELLE 11/24/1934 Trooper Illinois State Police 28-E: 11

SAM MANGIAMELE 05/25/1945 Trooper Illinois State Police 43-E: 6

JOHN L McCABE 08/12/1933 Trooper Illinois State Police 48-E: 6

ROBERT JEFFERSON McDONALD 07/10/1930 Trooper Illinois State Police 13-W: 6

RALPH R NEWMAN 08/20/1941 Trooper Illinois State Police 6-W: 14



FRANK M SCHWARTZ 09/11/1930 Trooper Illinois State Police 25-E: 11

FRANK TAMULIS 08/09/1937 Trooper Illinois State Police 11-W: 1

ROBERT R THOMAS 05/15/1942 Trooper Illinois State Police 12-W: 13

GEORGE E WHEELER 11/22/1927 Trooper Illinois State Police 14-W: 15

ROBERT J BAKER 10/02/1948 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 45-W: 1

EDWARD H BERRY 02/04/1954 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 14-E: 1

ALVIE C EMMELMAN 05/29/1938 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 60-W: 19

DONALD H KILBOURNE 11/13/1964 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 28-W: 2

WILLIAM MUELLER 03/02/1928 Patrolman Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 61-W: 23

JAMES REILLY 01/29/1942 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 46-E: 11

DAVID LARUE SANDLER 06/04/1986 Sergeant Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 33-W: 1

ROSCOE C SHIPP 07/24/1929 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 45-W: 7

BYRON DOUGLAS TODD 10/28/1942 Patrol Officer Indianapolis, Indiana, P.D. 42-W: 25

NORRIS VINTON McMACKIN 06/01/1938 Officer Inglewood, California, P.D. 32-E: 9

JOHN FREDERICK SMALL 06/24/2003 Police Officer Inglewood, California, P.D. 15-W: 24

LOUIS EDWARD WAGNER 07/04/1931 Police Officer Ingram, Pennsylvania, P.D. 16-E: 20

EDWARD LEENEY 04/29/1926 Patrolman Iowa City, Iowa, P.D. 52-W: 19

WILBURN BURLESON 03/10/1961 Patrolman Jackson, Mississippi, P.D. 15-W: 14

JOHN REID SANDIFER 09/18/1994 Officer Jackson, Mississippi, P.D. 17-E: 19

CLARENCE E BALLOU 10/15/1937 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 12-W: 3

JAKE B EDWARDS 02/01/1968 Police Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 23-E: 9

JOHN P ELLIS 09/11/1937 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 31-E: 8

FRED W HIGGINBOTHAM 08/18/1947 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 22-E: 17

WILLIAM E McCOOLEY 09/05/1962 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 23-W: 7

GLENN A RAINEY 08/23/1974 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 35-E: 14

DAVID HENRY REESE 02/28/1970 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 56-E: 3

ERNEST CHARLES REGISTER 04/20/1960 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 11-W: 1

JEFFREY NORMAN RITCHEY 02/23/1987 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 4-E: 14

CHARLES RAY SHINHOLSER JR 12/14/1988 Officer Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 63-E: 3

RONALD E TRAUTMAN 10/20/1966 Officer Jamestown, North Dakota, P.D. 24-W: 3

CLINTON M JOHNSON 06/15/1934 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 34-E: 12

KENNETH R NALLY 11/06/1978 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 53-E: 15

CLARENCE G RAPSON 03/06/1931 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 43-E: 14

MICHAEL T SMITH 03/11/1976 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 47-E: 15

PEERLESS F STOUT 05/03/1925 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 19-E: 7

WALTER C WISE 09/19/1946 Patrolman Jefferson County, Kentucky, P.D. 57-E: 4

STEPHEN C NEWITT 01/24/1996 Deputy Sheriff Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 22-E: 20

JOHN J BRACKEN 09/12/1973 Police Officer Jersey City, New Jersey, P.D. 12-E: 13

JAMES J CARROLL 05/27/1934 Patrolman Jersey City, New Jersey, P.D. 55-E: 19

LOUIS A BARNEY 08/08/1954 Patrolman Joliet, Illinois, P.D. 63-E: 15

JEFFREY PAUL HOPKINS 09/29/1975 Police Officer Joliet, Illinois, P.D. 4-E: 24

RAYMOND ENDICOTT 10/07/1949 Patrolman Joplin, Missouri, P.D. 59-W: 3

RICHARD DEAN BIRD 07/04/1969 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 13-E: 17

JAMES N BRINK 09/01/1921 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 11-E: 15

HOMER L DARLING 08/26/1911 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 62-W: 5

ROBERT DeLAINE EDMUNDS 01/23/1949 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 11-E: 16

GERALD L FACKERT 12/15/1921 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 24-W: 6

MELVON LITTON HUFF 07/04/1945 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 14-E: 2

GEORGE ROBERT JOHNSON 10/23/1929 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 60-W: 8

JOHN W LEITER 12/16/1926 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 30-W: 7



RALPH R MILLER 12/27/1941 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 62-W: 1

LAWRENCE KENTON MORRISON 06/19/1937 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 13-E: 3

LARRY D OLIVER 04/18/1968 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 40-W: 12

RICHARD VANCE REEVES 10/02/1957 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 59-W: 8

CRAIG W SCHULTZ 05/09/2001 Police Officer Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 53-E: 22

ROBERT MICHAEL WATTS 11/15/1990 Sergeant Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 2-E: 7

JACK P WILCOX 05/03/1924 Patrolman Kansas City, Missouri, P.D. 27-W: 7

WILLIAM FLACK 11/01/1928 Officer Kearny, New Jersey, P.D. 37-W: 21

NORMAN ALVIN DREW 12/18/1975 Police Officer Key West, Florida, P.D. 58-W: 18

WILLIAM CLARENCE DODGE 10/02/1926 Traffic Officer King City, California, P.D. 52-W: 21

MARK WILLIAM BROWN 02/27/1999 Deputy Sheriff King County, Washington, S.O. 48-E: 21

RICHARD S COCHRAN II 05/22/1991 Deputy Sheriff King County, Washington, S.O. 41-W: 18

JOHN W PHILLIPS 04/01/1969 Officer Knoxville, Tennessee, P.D. 5-E: 14

FRANK W GROESHNER 11/08/1916 Patrolman LaCrosse, Wisconsin, P.D. 38-W: 15

ROBERT E MILLER 09/04/1960 Patrolman LaGrange Park, Illinois, P.D. 60-E: 10

SAM GRAY BULLOCH III 01/22/1986 Patrolman LaGrange, Georgia, P.D. 46-W: 10

GEORGE ZORODNEY 03/14/1930 Deputy Sheriff Lake County, Indiana, S.O. 7-W: 21

JAMES H SAGE 11/19/1923 Police Officer Lake Forest, Illinois, P.D. 12-W: 21

CLYDE M SPRADLING 07/25/1915 Police Officer Lake Forest, Illinois, P.D. 49-E: 20

EUGENE E DeBERRY 01/14/1985 Patrolman Lakeland, Florida, P.D. 55-E: 8

ROBERT F DULA JR 04/08/1955 Sergeant Las Vegas Metropolitan, Nevada, 27-W: 4

JERRY JOSEPH GENOVA 11/15/1972 Officer Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, P.D. 22-E: 12

ROBERT H GRAHAM 02/14/1971 Patrolman Leeds, Alabama, P.D. 26-W: 11

HOWARD CHADWICK SULLIVAN 09/07/1955 Patrolman Lenoir, North Carolina, P.D. 23-W: 6

THEODORE VAN ZILEN 08/30/1918 Patrolman Leonia, New Jersey, P.D. 24-W: 13

OZA BENTLE MOORE 08/15/1931 Deputy Lewis County, Kentucky, S.O. 55-E: 23

HAROLD J MOSMAN 08/09/1921 Police Officer Lewiston, Idaho, P.D. 35-E: 21

DANNY L REDMON 01/03/1967 Officer Lexington-Fayette Urban County, 29-E: 4

Kentucky, P.D.

RICHARD E LEYDEN 09/26/1949 Officer Lincoln, Nebraska, P.D. 44-W: 4

GEORGE WILLIAM WELTER 02/09/1968 Officer Lincoln, Nebraska, P.D. 6-W: 23

DOUGLAS A SHERTZER SR 05/11/2004 Chief of Police Lititz Borough, Pennsylvania, P.D. 10-E: 24

CHARLES B FAULKNER 07/13/1924 Police Officer Little Rock, Arkansas, P.D. 59-E: 13

ROBERT A JOHNSON 03/23/1930 Police Officer Little Rock, Arkansas, P.D. 11-W: 9

TRUMAN E BROOKS 09/08/1925 Motorcycle Officer Little Valley, New York, P.D. 17-W: 22

RICK CHARLES CROMWELL 12/09/1998 Officer Lodi, California, P.D. 45-W: 21

WILLIAM MILTON HUMPHREY 04/01/1927 Police Officer Logan County, Oklahoma, S.O. 36-W: 23

JAMES H RUNDELL 09/21/1930 Constable Logan County, Oklahoma, S.O. 53-E: 25

LLOYD MARLAND LUND 10/30/1981 Patrolman Long Beach, California, P.D. 47-E: 1

ROBERT G SMITH 12/12/1965 Patrolman Long Beach, California, P.D. 36-E: 4

GEORGE A WALLS 11/18/1928 Patrolman Long Beach, California, P.D. 12-W: 3

FRANKLIN J STROHL 06/13/1930 Deputy Sheriff Lorain County, Ohio, S.D. 5-W: 20

PIERRE WALTER BAIN 03/23/2006 Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California, 59-E: 25

HAROLD B BROADWELL 11/09/1919 Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California, 19-W: 6

LIONEL W DASHLEY 09/01/1969 Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California, 31-E: 4

BRANDAN GARRETT HINKLE 02/14/2001 Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California, 37-E: 22

W ANDERSON 10/24/1933 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 16-W: 16

E P BRADLEY 06/15/1920 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 32-E: 9

W G BROWN 09/13/1939 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 17-E: 16

W G CHAMBERLAIN 12/25/1941 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 18-E: 2



G H CLARK 07/08/1950 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 39-E: 16

G R COLVIN 10/18/1941 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 23-W: 12

A J DAVILLA 09/10/1926 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 4-E: 1

CLARENCE W DEAN 01/17/1994 Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 43-E: 19

J DUNPHY 06/22/1954 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 64-E: 5

H G EMSLEY 01/12/1939 Lieutenant Los Angeles, California, P.D. 24-E: 17

L F HASSLER 08/24/1952 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 22-W: 14

H C JACKSON 03/01/1931 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 53-E: 6

VAN DERICK JOHNSON 02/05/1997 Police Officer II Los Angeles, California, P.D. 61-E: 20

T J KENNEDY 04/05/1951 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 38-E: 16

W R KREPS 03/28/1916 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 27-E: 17

I L LANKFORD 10/14/1945 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 47-E: 11

JOHN T LAWLER 07/09/1973 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 29-E: 6

A C MADON 06/16/1935 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 34-E: 3

RANDOL L MARSHALL 06/02/1987 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 38-E: 4

M McDONAGH 12/16/1923 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 53-E: 2

MICHAEL IAN McDOUGAL 01/19/1975 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 12-W: 3

RAYMOND ALFRED MESSERLY JR 10/22/1992 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 1-W: 19

H M MILLER 09/07/1956 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 60-E: 3

R MIOVER 04/11/1925 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 64-E: 13

G E PAPST 07/27/1924 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 16-E: 16

MARTIN PARKER 09/14/1961 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 45-E: 15

C M PARTIN 01/23/1927 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 22-E: 3

G REYES 05/04/1959 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 18-W: 17

DAVID CHARLES SCHMID 12/16/1992 Police Officer Los Angeles, California, P.D. 5-W: 19

J C SMITH 03/02/1966 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 23-E: 1

R SWEET 12/26/1959 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 53-E: 17

D C TISDALE 03/10/1937 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 37-E: 1

J B VOSE 10/21/1950 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 9-W: 10

LEROY J WADSWORTH 11/30/1961 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 49-E: 6

F S WALES 10/07/1947 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 10-W: 1

C B WYATT 08/27/1919 Policeman Los Angeles, California, P.D. 28-E: 4

JAMES T BROWNFIELD 05/09/1943 Trooper Louisiana State Police 39-W: 11

FRANK J DAVID SR 10/09/1933 Patrolman Louisiana State Police 18-W: 24

H D BOYER 01/31/1931 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 56-W: 16

WILLIAM K BURGE 09/25/1940 Officer Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 26-E: 13

WILLIS A COY 02/11/1937 Police Officer Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 48-W: 24

JAMES M ENGLAND 09/01/1926 Corporal Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 20-E: 13

LOUIS FOWLER 12/09/1939 Sergeant Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 6-E: 14

AULDON LeGRAND 12/10/1946 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 13-W: 10

JOHN P MINOGUE 10/04/1952 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 18-E: 11

EDWARD P NOWAKOWSKI 07/10/1957 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 31-E: 8

ALBERT B SALLEE JR 05/12/1979 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 31-E: 6

ORVILLE C TRINKLE JR 03/29/1960 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 38-E: 10

JOHN G TYLER 08/03/1920 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 60-E: 1

COSBY H WHITTED JR 08/23/1963 Patrolman Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 39-E: 15

ELWYN A FLETCHER 06/09/1927 Patrol Officer Lower Merion Township, 63-W: 20

Pennsylvania, P.D.

RODNEY RAYLYN KENDRICKS 07/08/2001 Patrol Officer Lubbock, Texas, P.D. 49-E: 22

WALTER T HOFFMAN 07/01/1929 Deputy Sheriff Lucas County, Ohio, S.O. 45-W: 2


WILLIAM CHARLES EVERETT                04/20/1930  Patrolman          Lynbrook, New York, P.D.              18-E: 23 DAVID KENNETH FROST                      05/03/1931  Patrolman          Lynbrook, New York, P.D.              24-E: 23 CHARLES AUGUST LIDDLE                   04/08/1933  Patrolman          Lyndhurst, New Jersey, P.D.           27-W: 12 DAVID LOUIS FELGER                         09/18/1962  Officer              Lynwood, California, P.D.              55-E: 15                 CLARENCE HENRY LaCROIX                 08/25/1925  Motorcycle Deputy   Macomb County, Michigan, S.D.      59-E: 22                 KENNETH JAMES WILKINS                    10/02/1992  Deputy Sheriff        Madison County, Arkansas, S.D.      35-E: 18                 FRED A FOSTER                                08/30/1925  Patrolman              Maine State Police                        29-W: 12                 EMERY O GOOCH                              08/09/1924  Patrolman              Maine State Police                        52-W: 6                 FRANK C WING                                 08/19/1928  Patrolman              Maine State Police                        51-E: 7                 NICHOLAS  MEROLA                           01/17/1924  Police Officer         Mamaroneck, New York, P.D.          17-E: 11                 FRANCIS  REILLY                               07/05/1920  Police Officer         Mamaroneck, New York, P.D.          40-E: 11                 RICHARD TIMOTHEY GILES                   02/14/1962  Police Officer          Manhattan Beach, California, P.D.    23-W: 16                DANNY F CORDES                             05/23/1986  Police Officer          Mansfield, Texas, P.D.                   13-E: 11 HERBERT V BELL                              08/22/1935  Patrolman               Maplewood, New Jersey, P.D.         31-W: 8                 JOHN J DONNELLY                            11/15/1932  Patrolman               Margate City, New Jersey, P.D.        7-E: 2                  ALMON W DANA                              04/09/1922  Deputy Sheriff         Maricopa County, Arizona, S.O.       12-E: 15                 ALAN OSMAN WARREN                      06/04/1926  Deputy Sheriff         Marion County, Florida, S.O.          35-E: 25                 PAUL JOSEPH ERNST                         03/21/1992  Major                    Marion County, Indiana, S.O.          50-E: 18                 ALBERT E CRAMBLITT                       10/01/1925  Officer                  Maryland State Police                   34-W: 21                 ROBERT THOMAS KRAUSS                 09/01/2006  Corporal                Maryland Transportation Authority, 54-E: 25                                                                                                                             JOHN MICHAEL CALLAHAN II                02/21/1981  Police Officer         Maryville, Tennessee, P.D.             43-E: 11                 VINCENT P CILA                               07/22/2005  Trooper                 Massachusetts State Police            39-W: 25       DANIEL  FURTADO                            10/08/1950  Patrolman             Massachusetts State Police            49-W: 2  JOHN E HIGGINS                               04/14/1928  Patrolman             Massachusetts State Police            27-W: 13                 LLEWELLYN A LOWTHER                    09/20/1924  Patrolman             Massachusetts State Police            14-W: 6                  WALLACE E MATHEWS                      04/23/1953  Patrolman             Massachusetts State Police            32-W: 7                  CHARLES F McGONAGLE                     08/02/1932  Patrolman            Massachusetts State Police            58-W: 2                 GEORGE L PRENTISS                           10/01/1927  Patrolman            Massachusetts State Police            26-W: 6                 EARL W TOBIN                                   03/30/1934  Patrolman            Massachusetts State Police            36-W: 12                STAN  HUTCHINGS                              10/23/1932  Patrolman            Massena, New York, P.D.               22-E: 11                 DANIEL CHARLES KELLEY                     07/18/1999  Motor Officer        Maywood, California, P.D.              3-W: 22                 ANTHONY  HLAVATY                          05/16/1917  Patrolman             McKeesport, Pennsylvania, P.D.      21-E: 23                CHARLES F PAIST                               03/15/1922  Patrolman             McKeesport, Pennsylvania, P.D.      49-W: 23               RUFUS L BIGGERS                              02/12/1937  Officer                 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, S.O.                 PATRICK LYNN GRUN                           01/06/1987  Officer                Memorial Villages, Texas, P.D.        59-W: 7                 CHARLES L HARRISON                         05/06/1982  Patrolman             Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             39-W: 17                 JAMES L JEFFERSON                           08/18/1979  Patrolman             Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             29-W: 4                 DENNIS J JOBE                                   09/22/1970  Patrolman             Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             46-E: 5                 JAMES H McNEIL                                 12/14/1920  Patrolman             Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             5-E: 3                 C C MUSICK                                        07/02/1937  Patrolman            Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             43-W: 2                JAMES E WALKER                                04/12/1952  Patrolman            Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             28-W: 14              VICTOR  ZAMBRONI                             03/23/1920  Patrolman             Memphis, Tennessee, P.D.             54-W: 4               GORDON ROBERT PANCK                     12/22/1946  Patrol Officer          Menomonie, Wisconsin, P.D.          34-W: 14                MICHAEL A SCHOCH                            07/25/1924  Deputy Sheriff        Mercer County, Ohio, S.O.             43-W: 2                 CARROLL GORDON BARGATZE              10/16/1965  Officer                 Metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee, P.D. WILLIAM RAY HOLBROOK                      04/15/1939  Officer                Metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee, P.D.

Officers list provided by The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund