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Chicago Police Department

     On January 31, 1835 the State of Illinois authorized the Town of Chicago to establish its own force.  On August 15, 1835 Orsemus Morrison is elected Chicago's first constable, assisted by Constable Luther Nichols and John Shrigley.  The three-man police force serves and protects a population of about 3,200.  The Police Department pre-dates Chicago as a city.
In 1910 the departmetns expands its service by introducing two new police vehicles Motorcycles and Boats.
Then in 1959 the Chicago Park District Police (Lincoln Park, South Park, and West Park) merge with the Chicago Police Department. Today the motor units are used for Special Events and parades. 
Lincoln Star
1921 Henderson Motorcycles, Park District
1930 Solider Field Thrill Show
1930 Solider Field Thrill Show
1930's (Photo Provided by B. Lancaster)
(Photo Provided by B. Lancaster)
(Photo provided by B. Lancaster)
(Photo provided by B. Lancaster)
1935 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)
Park District
Superintent and Servi-Car
1953 Harley-Davidson Model G Servicar, Wrigley Field
1954 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)
1961 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)
1963 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)
1965 Annual Report
1966 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)
1966 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)


1966 Harley Davidson Servi-Car


1981 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)

1985 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)

2007 (Photo provided by Greg Reynolds)


Photos and Information provided by David MacFarlan of the Chicago, IL Police Department