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California End of Watch

ROBERT TERRELL ROULSTON         10/16/1988  Officer             Anaheim, California, P.D.        18-W: 10

WILLIAM LORD RUCKER                    07/20/1952  Officer             Bakersfield, California, P.D.      19-W: 13

WILLIAM LEONARD SIKOLA               07/17/1983  Officer             Bakersfield, California, P.D.      14-W: 10

FRANK  SPARKS                                  06/16/1917  Officer            Bakersfield, California, P.D.       22-E: 1

PATRICK DON VEGAS                         06/20/1980  Sergeant        Bakersfield, California, P.D.       18-E: 8

FRANCIS X CARVER                           11/19/1948  Police Officer  Beverly Hills, California, P.D.    24-E: 20

JESSE E FARR                                     04/09/1925  Police Officer  Beverly Hills, California, P.D.     17-E: 20

RICHARD E KUNKLE                           09/22/1961  Officer             Burbank, California, P.D.                 14-W: 10

JOSEPH R WILSON                             06/17/1961  Officer             Burbank, California, P.D.                 18-W: 9

CHARLES MARION ALVITRE              08/26/1923  Officer             California Highway Patrol                31-E: 6

EARL M AMES                                     10/10/1936  Officer             California Highway Patrol                22-W: 6

DEAN EDWARD BEATTIE                    11/19/2003  Police Officer California Highway Patrol                27-W: 24

CLINTON  BENJAMIN                           08/10/1942  Officer           California Highway Patrol                20-W: 8

ROBERT M BLOMO                              09/04/1969  Officer           California Highway Patrol                38-E: 10

EDWARD L BOND                                 04/14/1935  Police OfficerCalifornia Highway Patrol                23-E: 8

IVAN  CASSELMAN                               08/24/1935  Officer           California Highway Patrol                32-E: 1

HUGH C CLINE                                     08/26/1934  Officer           California Highway Patrol                37-E: 7

EDGAR J COMBS                                 09/09/1930  Officer           California Highway Patrol                19-E: 14

SAMUEL G COPE                                 01/16/1940  Officer           California Highway Patrol                62-W: 18

EDWIN B CROOK                                 07/08/1932  Officer           California Highway Patrol                23-W: 15

ROBERT D DALE                                  03/10/1960  Officer           California Highway Patrol                24-E: 1

ELIOT O DALEY                                    05/17/1942  Officer           California Highway Patrol                16-E: 15

JAMES B DALZIEL                                06/30/1945  Officer           California Highway Patrol                49-E: 7

JOHN A DAROUX                                 03/12/1933  Officer           California Highway Patrol                16-E: 8

TED  DAVIS                                          03/11/1933  Officer            California Highway Patrol                30-E: 1

MERLE E DeWITT                                12/24/1963  Officer           California Highway Patrol                31-E: 9

HERBERT F DIMON                             02/07/1959  Officer           California Highway Patrol                57-W: 4

SHANNON LEE DISTEL                       08/27/2003  Police OfficerCalifornia Highway Patrol                46-E: 23

NELSON S DWELLY                             07/10/1943  Officer           California Highway Patrol                14-W: 3

WILLIAM C FOOTE                               06/23/1952  Officer           California Highway Patrol                40-E: 8

HOWARD  GARLINGER                       10/30/1929  Officer           California Highway Patrol                15-W: 16

FORREST C GERKEN                         02/15/1944  Officer           California Highway Patrol                19-E: 3

RAYMOND A GIEGER                          08/10/1956  Officer          California Highway Patrol                36-E: 10

JAMES M GOODMAN                           06/03/2004  Police Officer California Highway Patrol                4-E: 24

LEWIS  GREGG                                    11/04/1944  Officer            California Highway Patrol                32-E: 11

MICHAEL S GRIFFIN                            01/13/1966  Officer           California Highway Patrol                16-E: 10

ROBERT B HEBERLIE                          11/22/1958  Officer           California Highway Patrol                4-E: 9

ROBERT C HELLER                              01/12/1942  Officer          California Highway Patrol                62-E: 5

DAVID R HENDERSON                         12/07/1944  Officer          California Highway Patrol                12-W: 6

A E HINCK                                              08/14/1932  Officer         California Highway Patrol                20-W: 9

LUTHER W HOGAN                               02/26/1929  Officer         California Highway Patrol                44-E: 6

WILLIAM D HUCKABY                            01/12/1964  Sergeant    California Highway Patrol                56-E: 5

WILLIAM C ISAACS                               08/25/1966  Officer         California Highway Patrol                16-W: 15

JOSEPH F JOHNSTON JR                       10/12/1958  Officer      California Highway Patrol                21-W: 12

GEORGE E KALLEMEYN                         07/21/1959  Officer      California Highway Patrol                64-E: 5

NORMAN A KESSLER                            05/17/1945  Officer        California Highway Patrol                23-W: 11

FRED J KOWOLOWSKI                           12/26/1938  Officer       California Highway Patrol                47-E: 12

LESLIE  LAUTERWASSER                       06/27/1941  Officer      California Highway Patrol                21-E: 15

SCOTT  LEATHERMAN                           05/03/1942  Officer       California Highway Patrol                23-W: 3

CAMILE E MADERE                                01/24/1958  Officer       California Highway Patrol                28-E: 18

WILLIAM F MALIN                                   07/04/1940  Officer       California Highway Patrol                37-E: 4

DAVID WAYNE MANNING                      02/15/1996  Officer      California Highway Patrol                63-W: 20

JACK E MARKS                                    04/11/1933  Officer        California Highway Patrol                25-E: 2

FRANK J MAUS                                    07/14/1946  Officer        California Highway Patrol                20-W: 2

WALTER C MAXEY                                02/02/1943  Officer       California Highway Patrol                36-E: 3

ROBERT ANTON MAYER                        09/02/1971  Officer     California Highway Patrol                56-W: 6

OSCAR D McMURRY                             03/05/1934  Officer       California Highway Patrol                61-E: 13

M PAUL MENGEDOTH                            02/07/1941  Officer      California Highway Patrol                6-W: 16

ERNEST R NELSON                              08/29/1939  Officer        California Highway Patrol                6-E: 12

HAROLD E NICHOLS                             09/12/1945  Officer        California Highway Patrol                11-W: 14

CHARLES H NISSEN                              12/17/1935  Officer       California Highway Patrol                55-E: 13

JAMES CHRISTOPHER O'CONNOR     11/15/1990  Officer        California Highway Patrol                15-W: 11

MAURICE W OWEN                               09/22/1940  Police Officer  California Highway Patrol                28-E: 21

FRANCIS J PERRY                                07/07/1934  Officer            California Highway Patrol                19-E: 7

ROBERT A PHILLIPS                              01/06/1975  Officer           California Highway Patrol                43-E: 4

WILLIAM E PITOIS                                 11/04/1960  Officer            California Highway Patrol                18-W: 16

JAMES B POWER                                 03/25/1925  Captain          California Highway Patrol                31-E: 16

JOHN A REED                                      05/18/1944  Officer             California Highway Patrol                64-E: 4

BURT  REEVES                                    09/22/1931  Officer             California Highway Patrol                38-E: 11

DAVID M ROMERO                                09/23/2005  Police Officer California Highway Patrol                18-W: 25

FLOYD A RUSSELL                               01/15/1933  Officer            California Highway Patrol                41-E: 4

RICHARD L SIMPSON                            09/25/1946  Officer           California Highway Patrol                56-W: 4

WILLIAM P SNIFFEN                              04/05/1973  Officer            California Highway Patrol                29-E: 5

JOHN LEE STEEL                                 04/23/1993  Sergeant          California Highway Patrol                50-W: 19

JOSEPH A STUCKER                             01/07/1943  Officer            California Highway Patrol                6-W: 16

ROBERT W SUESS                               02/15/1958  Officer             California Highway Patrol                34-E: 15

RICHARD H TREMBATH                         12/04/1937  Officer           California Highway Patrol                29-E: 6

MARTIN J TRIPPTREE                            12/15/1965  Officer           California Highway Patrol                63-E: 5

W R VALENTINE                                   05/30/1925  Officer              California Highway Patrol                57-W: 16

JAMES H VANDEWEG                            07/12/1945  Officer           California Highway Patrol                30-E: 9

FREDERICK  WALES                             02/07/1943  Officer            California Highway Patrol                17-W: 15

JOHN R WALTERS                                11/18/1947  Officer             California Highway Patrol                53-E: 10

ELBER D WARREN                                01/24/1931  Officer            California Highway Patrol                13-W: 10

LEONARD W WINNEY                            11/12/1959  Officer            California Highway Patrol                33-E: 8

KENNETH L WITKE                               01/14/1964  Officer             California Highway Patrol                23-E: 2

RICHARD G WOODS                              07/16/1969  Officer           California Highway Patrol                52-E: 13

GEORGE A WOODSON                          12/23/1955  Officer           California Highway Patrol                27-E: 14

CHARLES O WOODWORTH                     08/12/1964  Officer         California Highway Patrol                62-E: 15

WILLIAM ROBERT JACK                         09/01/1991 Police Officer Carlsbad, California, P.D.         35-W: 18

ALONZO H GARWOOD                           09/04/1921  Police Officer  Culver City, California, P.D.              63-E: 7

ROBERT W FRANKS                              08/12/1948  Officer              El Centro, California, P.D.              37-E: 14

FREDERICK JAMES SMARTT               08/16/1918  Deputy Constable  Fresno County, California, S.O. 45-W: 23

ELMER M FORSMAN                             10/06/1946  Officer               Fresno, California, P.D.                   14-W: 3

WILLIAM EDWARD LEHN                        06/21/1994  Police Officer  Fresno, California, P.D.                   55-E: 19

GARY DEAN MOSS                                 06/24/1982 Police Officer    Hermosa Beach, California, P.D. 21-E: 15

LLOYD MARLAND LUND                        10/30/1981  Patrolman        Long Beach, California, P.D.             47-E: 1

ROBERT G SMITH                                 12/12/1965  Patrolman         Long Beach, California, P.D.             36-E: 4

GEORGE A WALLS                                11/18/1928  Patrolman         Long Beach, California, P.D.             12-W: 3

PIERRE WALTER BAIN                           03/23/2006  Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California,     59-E: 25

HAROLD B BROADWELL                        11/09/1919  Deputy Sheriff Los Angeles County, California,       19-W: 6

LIONEL W DASHLEY                              09/01/1969  Deputy Sheriff  Los Angeles County, California,      31-E: 4

BRANDAN GARRETT HINKLE             02/14/2001  Deputy Sheriff  Los Angeles County, California,    37-E: 22

W  ANDERSON                                    10/24/1933  Policeman       Los Angeles, California, P.D.            16-W: 16

E P BRADLEY                                      06/15/1920  Policeman       Los Angeles, California, P.D.            32-E: 9

W G BROWN                                       09/13/1939  Policeman        Los Angeles, California, P.D.            17-E: 16

W G CHAMBERLAIN                          12/25/1941  Policeman    Los Angeles, California, P.D.                 18-E: 2

Albert E. Matthies - Arcadia, CA Police Department

Officer Albert E. Matthies is the only Arcadia Police Officer killed in the line of duty. Near midnight on July 18, 1927, Officer Matthies was shot and killed while questioning three men. The three men had stolen the car they were in and planning to rob a local restaurant when they were approached by Officer Matthies.

Larry Cranfield - Sacramento County, CA Sheriff's Department

November 12, 2008


Larry was working for the contract city of Rancho Cordova as a motor officer when he was involved in a traffic collision.  As a result of the collision, Larry succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday, November 12, 2008.

Larry, who was only 43 years of age, was a 13 year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.  Larry is survived by his wife, two children, parents, and extended family.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all those who feel the loss.

For the last two years, the Rancho Cordova Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department have attended the National Law Enforcement Memorial Week in Washington DC.

Larry was instrumental in the planning and fund raising for these trips.  He was always there to remind others what a great honor it was to represent the fallen officers and their families.  In May of 2009, Larry's name will be added to the memorial wall.  Once again these officers will try to raise enough money to attend Memorial Week so that they may be there for Larry's family.

This is one of the reasons that WSMOA was formed.  We want to help these officers make the trip to Washington DC but cannot do it alone.  We are asking for assistance in any form to help raise the necessary funds.  It will cost somewhere between 40 and 60 thousand dollars for transportation of the motorcycles, air fare and lodging.  The officers will need to raise the entire amount to be able to attend as they are not using department funding.

If you would like to help out, we are in need of anything related to fund-raising dinners such as raffle prizes or companies willing to donate space, food or equipment.  Any other type donations, including cash donations, is gladly accepted and much appreciated.  If you have any information or contacts that may help us, please email them to webmaster@wsmoa.org

If you would like to simply make a cash donation, you may do so by writing a check to WSMOA and mail it to:

High Impact Motor Unit

2500 Marconi Ave, Suite 100

Sacramento, CA 95821


If you prefer, you may make a donation through Pay Pal using the link below:

www.wsmoa.org and follow the link to Pay Pal.

Thank you and Please keep Larry's family in your thoughts. 

Officer Lucas Chellew - California Highway Patrol

This evening at approximately 5:45 p.m., California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycle Officer Lucas F. Chellew, ID 19402, was in pursuit of a motorcycle eastbound on Fruitridge Road east of State Route 99 in South Sacramento. During the pursuit, a collision occurred, causing Officer Chellew to lose control of his motorcycle.

Officer Chellew suffered major injuries, and first responders on scene worked tirelessly to keep him alive as he was transported to University of California, Davis, Medical Center. Tragically, despite the valiant efforts of the paramedics and medical professionals, Officer Chellew succumbed to his injuries at approximately 6:11 p.m.

“My heart aches on this terribly tragic day for the CHP as we have lost a hero, who swore a sacred and honorable oath to serve and protect the people of California,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow. “Officer Chellew now joins a distinguished and cherished group of men and women whose names adorn a memorial fountain at the center of the CHP Academy. His service and sacrifice will forever be honored and never forgotten. Please keep Officer Chellew's family, friends and the entire CHP family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn his loss.”

Officer Lucas Chellew - California Highway Patrol

Officer Kirk A. Griess - California Highway Patrol

Live News Video of Officer Griss Accident and tribute

CHP Bell Tribute End of Watch