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Appleton Police Department

First motorcycle went on duty with A.P.D. on 10-02-1911.  This was an Excelsior M.C.

In Sept. 1912 the department changed to a Thor.

Report on 01-15-1915 states that the department motorcycle put on 12,000 miles during the year 1914.

On 03-16-1916 the department received a new Big Valve Twenty horse power Excelsior motorcycle.

1918 the department had two Excelsior motorcycles.

1926 Three motorcycles

In 1950 the department had 6 motorcycles.

In 1960 the department had 11 motorcycles

The department last used motorcycles in the 1970's, but then in 1981 the department received a 750cc Honda motorcycle and used it for about 3 years. 




1939 HD Servi-car


Servi-Car 1960




Photos and Information provided by Appleton, WI Police Department